How to check your stuff after the movers leave?

When you’re in the process of moving, it seems like there’s no end to your to-do list. Before the moving date, you’re consumed in finding full service moving companies Denver, packing your boxes, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. But even once you’re finally in your new house, you can’t fully rest. Now it’s time to check your stuff after the movers unload everything and to see if your things have arrived intact. You can’t catch a break. But after you unpack everything and check that there are no damages to your belongings, you can finally take a breather. So, we want to share some tips that should help you see if your things are alright or if you need to file an insurance claim. Here’s how to check that your items are in good shape.

Consult your moving inventory list when you get to your new home

Now, to be completely honest, this is a step you need to start with even before the big move. What we suggest is writing down all the things you’re loading onto the moving truck. In other words, making an inventory of everything you’re moving.

Woman checking her inventory list after moving
If you want to successfully keep track of your things and their condition, making an inventory list is the best thing to do.

Not only are you supposed to write down what you’re packing, but it’s also good to write the condition of each item. Write down if certain things are brand new or if they already have damages. These short descriptions will be very helpful later on.

When you’re checking your stuff after the movers leave, your inventory list will come in handy. You can use it to see if the condition of your things has remained the same. Also, if any of your things are missing, you’ll be able to tell by taking a look at your list. So, this is a very useful step if you want to check how successful your move was.

How to check your stuff after the movers leave

Inspect your furniture for damages and scratches

As you’re probably aware, moving furniture to your new place is probably the trickiest part of relocating. Because many furniture items are heavy and large, carrying them isn’t exactly easy. Luckily, many companies have furniture movers listed in their moving services Denver.

Woman checking a table for damages after moving
Because furniture can be tricky to move, inspect your pieces for damages after moving.

However, even the pros might have some issues with moving your furniture. Therefore, it’s not impossible that some of your items get damaged in the process. So, when you’re checking your things after the movers leave, take a glance at your furniture. See if there are any scratches or if any parts are broken.

Check if your appliances are working

After you check that your Denver residential movers haven’t caused any damages to your furniture, it’s time to move on to your appliances. Just like furniture, some of your expensive appliances can be difficult to relocate. So, take a look at your fridge and stove, as well as your smaller appliances. Not only are you supposed to inspect your electronics for scratches and physical damages, but you also need to check if they’re still working properly. If not, it’s possible that something on the inside of the appliance got damaged. This is one of the more important things to do if you want to check your stuff after the movers unpack your things.

Are your fragile items in good shape?

Speaking of things that are easily damaged during the move, we can’t forget about all those fragile items you own. Now, of course, a big part of making sure these items stay intact is packing them properly. You can even get packing services and let the pros ensure the safety of your belongings.

A fragile box
Packing your fragile objects the right way is crucial to preventing damages, but check if it paid off after the move.

But once you get to your new home, you should check if all the padding and wrapping was worth it. You want to carefully unpack all the boxes labeled ”fragile” and see what the situation is like. Make sure your breakable items are still intact and scot-free. Otherwise, find out if you can file an insurance claim for the damages after your check your stuff for damages.

Check your valuables

When it comes to your valuables, there are two things to check. First, check if all your valuable pieces made it to your new address. Remember the inventory list we mentioned? Well, this is the time when it truly comes in hand. See if any of the valuables you’ve packed have mysteriously disappeared.

Other than making sure all your valuables are in place, you should also inspect these for damages. If any of your expensive belongings have been harmed, it’s good to have moving insurance so that you get reimbursed for the damages. So, when you’re checking your items after the movers leave, pay extra attention to things like jewelry, art, instruments, antiques, etc.

Be mindful while unpacking

Okay, so you know the most important things you need to check after the move. But there is something else you need to keep in mind. Namely, you need to be mindful while you’re unpacking your boxes. First of all, you should pay attention to each item you unpack and see if it’s in good condition. After all, that’s the only way to properly check your stuff after the movers leave. But other than that, you need to be careful so as to not damage or break your things while you unpack. So, take it slow, be careful and aware while you’re setting up your home. In case you notice any broken items, check if your insurance covers them.

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