How to create a timeline for packing

Moving preparations don’t need to be hard as they might seem to first-time movers. If you have prepared a good plan and you follow it through, you will be packed in no time. Moreover, if you pack on time you will avoid any moving delays. For all first-time movers out there, affordable movers Denver prepared the best moving guide on how to create a timeline for packing. This will be the only article you need to read in order to pack like a pro. If you are interested in packing tips and tricks you should continue reading our moving guide.

How to create a timeline for packing?

As we already said with a great moving plan you will have no delays. Furthermore, a great moving plan includes making the ultimate pre-moving checklist! Making a costume checklist will help you stay on track with pre-moving tasks and moving preparations. Not only that, it will help you with packing as well. We advise you to make one on your phone. That way you will always have it with you. However, you need to make sure your phone is always charged, especially on moving day. Therefore make sure that you have a power bank with you on your moving day. A great checklist will ease your packing and moving experience!

Donations writing on the paper
Donations will help your community and you will have fewer items to pack

When you have a moving checklist you should start decelerating your home. That way you will get rid of items you are not planning on using anymore. Moreover, you will have fewer items to pack if you sell or donate all belongings that you are not planning on using in the future. In order to do that you should make a yard or garage sale a few weeks before your move. That way you will earn some extra money and expand your moving budget. Yet another thing you can always donate old clothes you are not planning to wear! By doing that you will help your community and also you will get read of them!

Where to find the best packing supplies?

Before you can start packing you will most defiantly need packing supplies. Moreover, having the best packing materials will help you pack and relocate without delays. Finding packing supplies in Denver is not going to be a hard task at all. You can find them in the nearest general department store, or you can buy them online. Yet another thing, you can visit your nearby grocery store and ask the store manager for some spare cardboard boxes. If you promise them you will recycle them after your move, they won’t have any problems with letting you use them. That way you will get free moving boxes!

A girl carrying moving boxes
Have enough packing materials in order to have a smooth relocation

Yet another thing, you should explore moving services Denver has to offer. Some of the best Denver moving companies will offer you to rent moving boxes. That way you will save time on finding the best packing materials. Moving companies use plastic bins you can easily pack. Not only that you won’t have to buy them you will also have a green move if you use rental moving supplies. Furthermore, with the packing supplies question sorted out you will be on track with the packing timeline you created.

How to pack and where to start with creating a timeline for packing?

If you create a timeline for packing, that will help you a lot with organizing moving tasks and staying on track. However, if you have never packed for the relocation before, and you don’t have an idea where to start, you should follow these tips:

  • Pack your essentials first. You have to prepare all documents you will need for a long-distance move. If you don’t have them packed on time you can forget them at your previous home. It is important to have all documents packed on time. Therefore you should put them on top of your checklist.
  • Unplug your appliances and pack them in their original boxes. If you don’t have original boxes you can always pack them in your moving boxes. However, keep in mind that you will need to disassemble some of your appliances before you pack them.
  • Pack your wardrobe. If you are not sure how to do it you can always ask your moving company do they offer packing services. That way you will have professionals helping you with packing. Moreover, you can learn some of the best tips from them.
  • The bathroom is last to pack and first to unpack! You will need to use it during the moving day, therefore it is the last room to fully pack.

Packing tips and tricks

Before your movers arrive you need to be fully packed. If you are not prepared to move when they arrive you will have moving delays. Moreover, when you start packing you will see the importance of creating a timeline for packing. If you don’t have enough time lest you need to follow some of our packing tips. First of all, we advise you to roll up your clothes instead of folding them. That way you will be able to use them as protection for your fragile items. Not only that but rolled up clothes take less space than folded ones.

Packed moving boxes in Livingroom
You need to pack everything before your movers arrive in order to avoid moving delays

Yet another thing, you can also use your towels and old blankets to protect your furniture and artwork pieces. You will not only save money on bubble wrap, but you will also pack faster than usual. In any case, you should ask for help. No matter if you have your friends and family to help you with packing or you hire the professionals, they will make you stay on track with the packing timeline you created. And as we said the good timeline is half of the job done!

We hope this article will help you create a timeline for packing. Moreover, we hope you will have no moving delays if you follow our tips. If you need more information regarding professional packing services, feel free to contact us or your moving company. Good luck with your relocation!

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