How to Estimate Moving Costs for Long Distance Move

If you are about to move across states, it is quite important to figure out what your costs will be. To estimate moving costs for a long distance move, you will need to consider many factors. A good starting point is to acquire a few of the moving quotes Denver and move on from there. Also, a lot of the cost will depend on the items you are transporting and the services you will be hiring. It is best to evaluate all of this as soon as possible and figure out your options. In this article, we are going to cover all the relevant considerations for your long distance relocation.

How to Estimate Moving Costs for a Long Distance Move Like a Pro?

Here is a small list of things that you might want to do:

  • Figure out how long-distance movers charge
  • Your moving costs depend on how much stuff you have
  • How many movers will assist you?
  • Truck and gas cost
  • Special items relocation
  • Storage services
  • Don’t forget the additional fees when trying to estimate moving costs for a long distance move
Determine the budget for your upcoming relocation.

Figure out how long-distance movers charge

This is the first step. If you know that you will be hiring movers for your relocation (and in most cases, you will), you need to know how they charge for their services. Most of the time, long distance movers Denver are going to charge you by the load. This means that you can expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $5000 for the handling of your belongings. Also, they will charge you half a dollar per pound of weight of your items.

What you can take from this is that both the number of your items and their weight come into the calculation. If you want to lower the costs, you will need to transport fewer items. Simple as that.

Your moving costs depend on how much stuff you have

To iterate on this a bit more, “how much stuff” comes down to the number of moving boxes you will have, alongside the number of large furniture items. All of these require handling and the more items you have the greater the cost. The best way to go about this is to write down all the stuff that you plan on moving with you, estimate the number of boxes you will have and give that information to your movers. They will then be able to give you a much better approximation of the cost.

How many movers will assist you?

This is directly connected to the number and weight of your items. Typically, relocation is a two-person job. However, if you have some items that simply require more people to handle, this will raise the price. Again, the best thing to do, and what the pros from Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado recommend, is to contact your movers, perhaps send them some pictures and figure things out with them. That is always the best way.

Truck and gas cost

Moving on, the next item on our expenses list is the gas for the truck. Moving companies have trucks of different sizes and the general rule of thumb is: the larger the truck, the more gas it requires. And over long distances, the gas usage can rack up quite a bill. That is why you need to make sure that you are renting the proper size of the truck.

Again, in order to rent the right size, you will need to know what will be going in there. You may want to create an inventory list ahead of time and do your calculations with it.

Rent a proper size of the moving truck.

Special items relocation

Another cost is relocating special items. These items are quite difficult to transport and require special considerations, such as special tools. Two examples of such items are the piano and the pool table. These items usually cannot be transported via the stairs and sometimes they can’t even fit inside the regular lift. Depending on the circumstances, moving your most valuable items can be quite an expense.

To beat on the same drum again, your best bet is to communicate all such items to your movers and get their estimate. This is the only way you can figure out how much will it cost. It is highly dependant on the circumstances.

Consider storage services when trying to estimate moving costs for your long distance move

Also, if you plan on storing your items, that will cost extra. Normally, you can easily estimate the storage costs if you know that you will need to store your items but there is another situation. For example, let’s say that during your relocation, you get a call saying that your new home isn’t ready for you to move in. In these cases, your only option is paying for Storage in Transit. The price will depend on the number of your items and the time they need to be in storage. After you find your reliable crew on, make sure to ask them in advance how much the estimated SIT costs will be, and add it to your possible calculations. But for the most part, you will be fine without it, just know that it might be a factor.

One of the additional services that cost extra – storage services!

Don’t forget the additional fees when trying to estimate moving costs for your long distance move

However, that is not all that you need to worry about. There are also additional fees that might crop up or services that you will want to hire. For example, let’s say that you simply do not have time to pack your own items. You will need to hire packing services, and that will inflate the overall price considerably. The same goes if you make any inventory changes. Finally, you will want to have liability insurance of some sort. This goes around one percent of the total value of your items.

All in all, there are quite a few things that can modify the total price of your relocation. Talk to your movers, have them provide you with as many estimates as they can and you will be able to estimate moving costs for your long distance move in no time.

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