How to host a garden party for the neighborhood

Did you just move to a new neighborhood and want to host a garden party to celebrate it? We will talk about the important aspects of organizing such a party and what to pay attention to. However, after your movers Denver metro area unloads your items, you should devote some time to organizing your home. It is only after you finish organizing that you can focus on things like throwing a welcoming party. Such a party will be a great way to relax after the move and get-to-know your new neighbors.

How to host a garden party

The spring season is the time of the year where everything slowly comes to life. After the winter period, you will finally get to see some vibrant colors everywhere you go. However, if you recently just moved in using the services of movers Parker CO, you will probably meet those vibrant colors right in your backyard.

neighbors enjoying a meal together at the same table after hosting a garden party
The welcoming party you throw will be the perfect opportunity to get to know your new neighbors and introduce yourself to them

This is a perfect opportunity for you to throw a welcoming party and invite your new neighbors. But, how should you host such a party?

  • Instead of one, opt for multiple tables
  • Serve light and seasonal food
  • Create a playground for children

Instead of one, opt for multiple tables

When you think of a party, you probably envision people sitting at one table chatting and enjoying their time. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you should take it to the next level. Instead of having one conventional table to sit at, have multiple smaller tables beside the main one. This will allow your guests to roam freely through the garden and avoid the pressure of having to sit at one table at all times. This is especially a good idea if you moved into a bigger home and want to host a garden party.

Serve light and seasonal food

If you plan on throwing this party during the day, you will not have to worry much about making meals for people. Most likely, these people will bring their own food as a welcoming gift. What you should do is simply serve light food according to the season you are in.

a picture of a salad from above with a bottle of vinegar next to it
A salad is a perfect snack for spring days you want to spend chatting with new people

Make some light fruit and veggie salads and add snacks to enjoy atop of them. Grab a couple of bottles of wine and a few beers when you host a garden party so your new neighbors can enjoy their preference.

Create a playground for the children when you host a garden party

If you are moving from apartment to house you will surely enjoy the spacious backyard of your new home. More importantly, your children will for the most part. In addition to that, your neighbors will probably bring their children to the party as well. Therefore, devote time to creating a space for children to play afar from the table you will sit, eat and chat with your new neighbors. Your children will have something to do and make new friends easily during this party.

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