How to make a perfect office relocation checklist

The reasons behind office relocations can vary from business to business. Sometimes they happen because the firm has overgrown its current location and is in need of an upgrade. Other times the circumstances are not that good, as the office might be doing worse and needs to move to a smaller space to save budget. No matter the cause and reasoning behind the move one thing that is needed in both cases is a relocation checklist. And if you are wondering how to make a perfect office relocation checklist and do your part before office movers Denver arrive then you are at the right place.

Is the office relocation checklist important?

No matter the reason for moving office space, one thing is quite apparent. The move must go by fast and smoothly to ensure that the firm sufferers as minimum losses as possible. Moving for longer periods of time means that the office will not be working. Having a proper office moving checklist ensures that you did your absolute best to make things go faster and smoother. You did your part and all that’s left is for long distance movers Colorado to transport the items with utmost care.

Woman writing the perfect office relocation checklist
Before you start the moving process and announce anything make sure you write your own corporate relocation checklist.

There are different departments you will need to take care of. And the checklist will be large in order to insure, everything is fine.

  • The new building
  • Packing
  • Employ management
  • Old building

The new building

When moving your office, the first step is finding a new building. The whole process is pointless if you don’t have a set destination. After securing the space that fits all your needs and criteria you can finally be sure that you can actually carry out the process. Now you can point the movers Denver metro area in the right direction and start planning the move. But still, there is something you need to take care of in the new space before the actual move.

  • Office headcount – If you are moving into a larger space due to business growth you will need new workers as well. But if the place is smaller and work is less then there is no need to keep access people.
  • New office layout – It is only natural that you include this on your office relocation checklist. Doing this will make it easier for you and the mover when carrying the boxes and furniture comes into play.
  • New desks may be needed – You might need more desks for new employees.
  • Common areas – Make places where your workers can sit to relax, eat, chat or smoke.
  • Equipment – A new place might mean new equipment is needed as well.
  • Style or brand of the office – If you need posters outside or inside as well as billboards and so on this is the perfect time to organize and do it.
  • Is there any usable furniture from the old office? – You don’t need to buy all of the furniture. Some old furniture can still be used. And if by chance some cant you can always donate it to The Furniture Bank or sell it.


The next step on your office moving checklist is packing. This is fairly simple. The best option for this is hiring one of the best moving services Denver moving companies can offer. That is the fastest and safest way to move your office. Of course, if your office is only your belongings you can do it alone. But if it was larger there is no way you can manage everything and you shouldn’t.

Two people carrying office boxes
If your office was small then moving can be done with the help of family and friends.

Employee management

How can you make the perfect office relocation checklist without mentioning the employees? Exactly it’s impossible. Especially when dealing with larger firms, the employees are the hands and feet of the whole corporation. So here are some things you must do before the move:

  • Make an announcement to the employees about the move and the moving date.
  • Send emails or letters to employees that will be impacted by this decision to move office space. That also includes people that will be let off due to the move as well.
  • An external announcement is very important. This way you will inform all of the vendors,  as well as clients, the government, and the press about the move.
  • Update company information.

Old building

And last but not less important on the ultimate office moving checklist is the old building. You can’t just leave the property and not do anything. Well, you can but it will make your company look bad. So here are some things you need to do:

  • Fix all the damages that were made by you or your employees, and leave the place looking the same as when you first rented it.
  • Cancel services, internet, surveillance, and so on. There is no reason for the bills to stack up in your name if you are not using them. You can always change the address to the new building.
  • Remove company signage and branding from the inside and outside. You were the one that put them up in the first place. If they were on the walls consider painting them as well.
  • Hire a cleaning service. Don’t leave a dirty place behind. It is not a nice thing to do and it says a lot about you and your professionalism.
  • Return building keys and passwords. You can hand them back to the landlord or to the new owner. Make sure that all the employees that had keys return them. And if you want to be even nicer you can always offer to change the locks on the important doors like the entry, bosses offices and so on.
Cleaning crew ready to do thei job
Call a cleaning company and make sure that the space is spotless before giving the keys back.

These are some of the most basic things an office relocation checklist should have. We hope it helped you get organized even a little. And wish you good luck in your new office space.

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