How to make your new Thornton home functional and cozy

When people move it usually takes them some time to adjust to the new environment. Especially after moving to a different city or state things can be hard to get used to. And that’s when your new home plays a big role. It becomes your safe place. So how can you make your new Thornton home functional and cozy? Not only will it make you feel safe and relaxed in a new environment, but it will also help you adapt faster. So let’s start from the moment after full service moving companies Denver help you move in!

The day after!

Everything starts the day after you move. This is the best time to start planning how to make your new Thornton home functional and cozy. Everyone has some things they like and want in their home. And you now have a clean slate to work with. Before you start anything it is best to make a plan. For example, you must have always had a certain picture in mind when thinking about your perfect home. And is there a better time than now to try and do it?

Simple things like a door rug will make your new Thornton home functional and cozy
In order to make your new Thornton home functional and cozy start with the little things!

You now have the best possible conditions to make it a reality. Moving services Denver just placed all the boxes in your new apartment, the walls are freshly painted, and there are no items that need to be moved. So start working on your new home! In some cases, you can even start planning everything long before moving in. But if by chance you can’t then now is the time.


In order to make your new Thornton home functional and comfy start with the lights! Of course, when picking a home everyone likes to look for a big source of natural light. But it’s not all! You can make your home feel cozier just by adding more light. Light can influence the ambiance more than any type of furniture or decoration. And you have many options to pick from! Chandeliers, neon lights, wall lights, lamps, and so on.


Some colors can do wonders! They can help you a lot when making your new Thornton home functional and cozy. This can be done in many ways. From walls to furniture and decorations. Depending on your taste and style preferences. With just adding a little color to your apartment the whole space will get a more pleasant and dynamic feeling. You don’t have to go crazy and add many colors. One splash of color can do a lot as well. For example, a couch statement piece or a big colorful painting, and so on.

Yellow flowers in the living room
Adding colors to your living space no matter how small will make a big difference.


Before you moved you probably decided some of the furniture can’t be moved. Or it was simply too old or broken at that point. Most of it you may have sold or donated to The Furniture Bank or some other charity. Meaning now you have an opportunity to buy new furniture! So choose a style and stick with it. Making a mishmash of different aesthetics will only make your home look untidy and chaotic.

Do you like plants?

There is a nice way to decorate your home and at the same time make it warm and cozy. And that would be using plants. And no we are not talking about plastic fake plants from department stores. But actual real plants and flowers. They will make your home feel refreshed and fragrant. Thornton CO movers may have even helped you move some of the plants you already had. But buying new ones can also be an excuse to go out and look around the city as well.

Window decor

This might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when we say ambiance. But it surely does help create one. You see especially in homes with a lot of natural light curtains and blinds can make a huge difference. Especially if you want to make your new Thornton home practical and comfortable.

Blue cutrains in a diningroom
Curtains and blinds also provide a layer of safety. Especially in apartments with big windows, you will have more privacy.

During snowy winter days, you can close your curtains and put on some nice slow songs, and relax under your warm lights. Or during the summer heat, you can make a shade, and enjoy the cooling from your ac without a worry.


The one thing that never fails in making your home cozy is candles. Not only do they help create a pleasant atmosphere but they can have even more purposes. For example, a candle with your favorite smell can help you relax or calm down. Certain aromas are even said to repel insects or make people feel happier. For couples, this is also a nice way to create a romantic ambiance.

Something old

Something old doesn’t refer to old furniture or old clothes. By this, we mean something you have had for some time that will give you a feeling of security. This item can be anything that Denver residential movers helped you move. From your favorite chair, photographs, blanket, or cup. Basically, any item that makes you feel happy. Or brings any type of positive feeling. Incorporating this item or items into your new home will bring you comfort.

We do understand that you wish to make your new Thornton home functional and cozy. And that by doing so you will maybe get many new furniture and items. But that does not make the old ones any less important. Matching them with the new furniture will bring you comfort. Seeing something familiar in the sea of new things is a nice feeling. And is more important than you think.

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