How to move into a house with glass walls without problems

So, you made a big decision, to move into a house with glass walls. This is going to be a big and wonderful change in your life! It brings a complete change of perspective. And of the way you live and maintain your home. It also brings a lot of benefits, from better health to saving money. But at the same time due to its delicate nature, it requires extra care and an experienced Colorado moving company.

Get ready for all the benefits of living in a house with glass walls

There are many causes of stress when moving. But there are also a lot of benefits that you get by relocating to a house with glass walls. Here are some of them.

Woman carrying her baby and talking on the phone in a room with glass walls
Glass walls can provide beautiful scenery and a feeling of spaciousness.

Much more natural light

Glass walls provide much more natural light than regular windows do, which makes the rooms feel bigger and more open. Science has shown that people function better in natural light rather than in artificial one. That it improves your mood and that there are also health benefits.

You will sleep better

Natural light has a big impact on our circadian health, due to which you will have a much better sleep cycle and sleep better. Which will in general improve your health and mood.

Save money on bills

Moving into a house with glass walls will also save you money in the long run. With glass walls, you will have much more natural light that will go deeper into your home for a longer time. Therefore you won’t have to turn your lights on as often as you had in your old home. You also get passive heating in the winter months which will reduce your energy bills.

You will have to do some things differently once you move into a house with glass walls

After you do important things like childproofing your home after moving. You will want to clean the walls and hang some artwork, and those things will have to be done differently now.

Glass walls with a lot of sunlight shining on them
Cleaning the glass properly is important to make it last longer.

How to hang artwork on glass walls

First of all, you want to make sure that you are moving expensive artwork safely to your new home, Westminster, CO movers can help you with that. It might seem risky and dangerous to hang artwork on a glass wall. Since you can’t just take a hammer and a nail and do it. But there are ways you can do it easily.

Using Adhesive hooks on your glass walls

Adhesive hooks are a great solution if you don’t want to make any permanent changes to your walls. But they do have their limits, you cannot use them for heavier artworks. First, prepare the wall by cleaning it thoroughly with a good glass cleaner. Then make sure that it is completely dry, which is very important. Then hold the painting against the wall and mark the top of the frame with a dry erase marker. Now measure the distance between the hook on the back of the artwork and the top of the frame. Mark that spot on the wall so that you can position your artwork easily.

Hire professionals to do it for you

You can hire a company that provides a professional art installation and picture hanging service. You can choose from a variety of methods, they can drill holes into the walls and put hooks in to hang your artworks. But that will make permanent changes to your walls and you might want more flexibility. If that is the case they can suspend frames from cables in the ceiling. That way the art can hang in front of the wall without doing any damage to it. Of course, it is all your choice and it all depends on what kind of aesthetic you desire.

Clean the walls properly without damaging them

Once you move into a house with glass walls you will realize that your walls require more than just regular window cleaner. It’s best to start with water and soap, and then use a commercial strength window cleaner. It is also good to have professional window maintenance come at least twice a year to clean windows, debris and check all the windows. Taking good care of your windows will make them last longer and save you money in the long run.

Things to avoid:

  • Using the hose – hose water is hard and glass can absorb the mineral deposits
  • Washing them in direct sunlight – that is the time when windows are very porous
  • Keep the sprinklers away – same as with using the hose, the glass would absorb a lot of the mineral deposits

Decide which furniture to bring with you and which to leave behind

Once you move into a house with glass walls you will notice just how different everything is. And some of your furniture probably won’t fit into the aesthetic and spaciousness of the house. You might want to have less furniture in general to enhance the open atmosphere of a house with glass walls. You will certainly want to design the interior differently than you have in your old home. So keep that in mind when deciding what to bring with you. Also, don’t forget that some furniture might require extra care and protection. For example, you should protect wooden furniture during relocation. And what about the old furniture? There are many ways to get rid of it.

Chair on a road
Take a good look at all your furniture and your new home to see what will fit in and what won’t.

Give it away to family, friends, and neighbors

In case you don’t want to bother selling it, you can always give it away. Chances are some of the furniture will fit perfectly into the home of a friend or family member. Take some pictures of what you are giving away and share them in some groups in which you are all in.

Use craigslist

You would just have to put the furniture out on the street, which can be tiring. But this is also probably one of the quickest ways to get rid of it quickly. Just take a picture of it and post it on the free section that you are giving away.

Call waste management

A simple and easy way to get rid of it all is to contact your local waste management company and have them take it all away. But do keep in mind that most waste management companies won’t take items that are too big. So make sure to consult with them to make sure that they take bigger stuff too.

Take the time to appreciate your new home

This is a big change in your life, moving into a house with glass walls is going to is an exciting experience. It will take time to get used to the house and how different it is, the spaciousness, the amount of natural light, the beauty of it all. Take your time to appreciate it all, this is the first day of a wonderful future.

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