How to move large furniture from Longmont to Boulder

The biggest problem when relocating home is the robust furniture you possess. Sometimes you must disassemble it and you already know that some of the furniture pieces are not meant to be disassembled ever. Simply because each move is wearing your furniture out and eventually, you’ll have to replace it. So, in this case, you must find a good Colorado moving company to assist you to move large furniture from Longmont to Boulder. The goal is to relocate it all in one piece. Hence, let’s check out your options and find the best solution.

Find movers that can move large furniture from Longmont to Boulder

The first step is to find the best Longmont movers your money can buy. You will easily find them online but do not pick the first one you find. You must inspect your movers inside out and confirm they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Safety standards.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Special moving services.
  • Tools and equipment.
two movers that are about to move large furniture from Longmont to Boulder
Find capable movers to relocate your furniture. Check if they have all the tools necessary.

Once you confirm your movers are up to the task, you can enlist them to relocate large furniture from Longmont to Boulder. Simply comparer services, prices, and read a few moving reviews and you will find a reliable moving team within an hour.

You should prepare for the task ahead

Your movers Boulder CO can provide onsite estimates and evaluate all your furniture and other belongings. They will calculate how many moving hours it will take and which pieces of furniture need special attention. Also, they will prepare all the equipment and tools needed to transfer large furniture from Longmont to Boulder. But in case you obtain your moving quote via the internet, you must inspect your home and your belongings yourself. Just note down all the robust pieces and take the measurements. Write it all down onto the inventory list and call your movers to provide them with the information.

Secure your shipment

As we already mentioned, if you pack yourself, you must secure your moving cargo adequately. Yes, your furniture movers Denver can assist here and secure your cargo instead. But if you do some things yourself, you can reduce the moving price significantly. Therefore, purchase adequate protection and get the right to it. You will need customized boxes, corner pads, bubble wrap, and stretch foil. Use it all to wrap your robust furniture and protect it from all sides. If you do it right, you will lower the chances for bumps, scratches, and other small damages that can happen during transport.

a woman sitting on the floor
You can make your relocation cheaper and more efficient if you pack and secure your furniture yourself.

Purchase moving insurance before you move large furniture from Longmont to Boulder

The bigger pieces of furniture like king-sized beds, for example, are quite expensive. Moreover, they are easily breakable if not handled right. And finally, you need at least two or more people to handle it properly. This kind of task increases the chance of all kinds of damages and injuries. Hence, you should consider purchasing moving insurance. It will keep you and your belongings safe at least in a monetary way. To avoid injuries, simply remove yourself from the process. After all, you are paying movers to do the hard labor and you do not have to engage at all. Supervise the process and stay away from danger. And if anything happens to your belongings, you will be reimbursed.

You are ready to move large furniture from Longmont to Boulder. We recommend you inspect your movers inside out and give yourself some time to think about your choices, budget, and your situation before you hire them. As long as you have an adequate moving team with you, there will be nothing to worry about. Good luck and stay safe.

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