How to organize an eco-friendly family relocation to Lakewood

Moving isn’t really an eco-friendly project. If you just think about the pollution that moving vans produce and how many people move during a year,  it is enough to understand how that affects our environment. There are recyclable boxes but not many movers use them for relocation. They are using a lot of plastic and other materials that are not environmentally friendly. So, to do your part in creating a planet better place, here are some tips for an eco-friendly family relocation to Lakewood.

Organize an eco-friendly family relocation to Lakewood

Relocation is challenging by itself, but to be responsible for your society and planet, you should think of ways to move and protect your environment, too. To make it easier for yourself you can hire one of the full service moving companies Denver residents recommend. Experienced moving companies have all the equipment and skilled movers, but they do not use eco-friendly supplies always. So, you can do it yourself. You can use packing supplies you already have, to avoid buying new boxes and plastic bins. You can use:

  • suitcases
  • garbage bins
  • drawers
  • reusable grocery totes for an eco-friendly family relocation to Lakewood
couple packing
Use what you already have for packing.

To have an eco-friendly relocation, there are three ways or three rules – reuse, reduce, and recycle. There are some packing materials that are not easy to recycle. You have special collection points for them but not many people use them. Whatever you have in your home that can be used for packing things, you can use it. Fill it with things and then pack everything together. The goal is not to buy more supplies but to use all that you already have. Also, you might find some Lakewood movers that will help you with the relocation and use eco-friendly equipment. Do the research and try to find them.

Gather different boxes throughout the year

Whenever you buy something that comes in a box is a good thing. Save the box, especially if you know in advance that you will be moving. Also, due to the pandemic, online shopping has become the most popular way of buying things. This means that you will have a lot of boxes coming to your doors. This will speed up the process of gathering boxes. Store all the boxes and use them later. This will prevent buying new boxes for the relocation.

folded towels
You can use towels, sheets, and some clothes for packing.

You can ask your friends and family to give the boxes they gathered as well. Also, you can go to grocery stores, supermarkets, and warehouses to ask for some boxes. If you don’t have any luck there, you can always try and find used boxes on some websites, or check out Craigslist, or Freecycle. There are different ways to find some boxes for the move.

Downsize your belongings for an eco-friendly family relocation to Lakewood

When organizing a move, you should definitely declutter your home and decide what to pack and what not to pack. There are for sure some things that you won’t be needing anymore, so the best solution is to sort your items into two groups – keep and not keep. The items you do not want to keep can be separated into three groups – recycle, donate, and sell. So, some of the items you do not need you can give to some friends and family, or donate to some of the charity organizations. Of course, these items should be in good condition. Some of them you can sell online or make a garage sale.

Part of your items can go into recycling and finally, you can toss some of the items you don’t need and are not in good condition. In this way, you are downsizing the number of items that need to be packed. Once you are done with packing, you will be needing the best home movers Denver offers to help you transport your items safely.

If you are moving long distance

If you are moving across the state, you will definitely need some help. Not only with packing but also with transportation. In that case, you should look for long distance moving companies Denver residents usually recommend.

Be creative whit packing things

Start with what you already have. You can use towels, comforters, sheets, and even some clothes to wrap up some items you need to pack. Also, you can use newspapers. If you want to pack items that need extra protection you can find a biodegradable replacement for bubble bags. Just make sure you do the research and find environment-friendly packing materials.

bunch of batteries
You can recycle batteries, different electronics, and appliances to help save our planet.

Be mindful about recycling because it will be a step in helping our planet. There are so many things in your household that should be recycled, from batteries to old electronics. Accumulating the trash is inevitable when moving but you can do as best as you can to prevent that. One of the ways to avoid using a lot of boxes and plastic to pack things is to rent storage. You can take recyclable items to some special centers instead of tossing them away.

Hire a green moving company

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire a moving company. If it is a green moving company, that will be just perfect. These companies will use trucks that run on biodiesel fuel and not traditional gas. Also, they can provide you with reusable boxes and recyclable packing materials. Visit several websites to find green moving companies. You can ask your friends for recommendations and visit some forums to find the best ones.

Having to organize an eco-friendly family relocation to Lakewood can be a challenge. But if you prepare everything well in advance, and find good moving services Denver CO, you will be able to have a successful relocation. No matter if you are doing it on your own or hiring reliable movers to help you, take care of our environment in order to contribute and save our planet.

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