How to pack a crystal chandelier

A work of art that makes your home a beautiful place is certainly your chandelier. However, if you are relocating soon, you need to pay special attention to it. Considering the fact that it can be damaged easily, you should treat it with great care. We are going to help you complete this task without stressing yourself and damaging your valuable item. Here are some valuable tips for you on how to pack a crystal chandelier. Of course, you can always count on your residential movers Denver to give you a helping hand.

Prepare all of the packing supplies on time

First of all, you are going to need a special box for your chandelier. Since this is a highly sensitive item, it is preferable to pack it separately. In addition to this, you should have enough packing paper and bubble wrap. Make sure all of these items are at hand when you start packing your crystal chandelier.

Packing supplies
Get everything you are going to need before you start with packing your chandelier

Should you need some help with this task, you can always rely on the most professional movers Highlands Ranch CO can offer. They are going to provide you with premium moving services and you will know that your chandelier will be in great hands.

Do your best to disassemble everything you can

Should you disassemble all possible items, the chances are great that your chandelier will arrive at your new home in perfect condition. So, what you should do first is to take all of the light bulbs out of the chandelier. Wrap each of them and put them in a separate box. Also, make sure there is enough bubble wrap or packing paper between each. After that, take off all of the pieces from the chandelier that can be detached. Some details are attached with a screw while others are attached with wires or hooks. Remove all of them and pack them carefully in a box. In case you need some help, count on one of the most reliable moving companies in Denver area.

When you pack a crystal chandelier put it upright

Once every detail is detached and packed, you need to take care of the main part. Put some foam on the bottom of the box and place the chandelier in the upright position. In case the chandelier is quite big, you are going to need a helper.

Put your chandelier upright

While you are holding the chandelier, that person should scoop packing peanuts into the box until it is full. In case you do not have a proper box, there are many places where you can find free moving boxes.

Yes, it is a quite delicate and specific task to pack a crystal chandelier. However, if you know what you should do, there is nothing to worry about. Even if you need a helping hand, you can always add packing services Denver to your moving agreement. Your movers will know precisely what to do and how to do it.

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