How to pack a wine collection

Each time we move, there is a fear of damages and moving mishaps. Some people have valuable furniture, family heirlooms, or artwork. But you shouldn’t worry much. If you organize like a pro, pack in the right order, and find professional movers Parker CO to assist, you will most likely end up with a successful relocation. So, today we will explain how to pack a wine collection and relocate it safely. As it can be a valuable collection, it caught our attention. And if you have one, this guide is just for you. Let’s take a look.

Inspect and then pack your wine

The very first step is to inspect your wine collection. We can’t say exactly what is the right approach because it depends on the size and the value of your collection. Nevertheless, it is certainly valuable to you no matter how valuable it is. So, the first step is to count how many bottles and shelves there are. Note down everything on your moving checklist to know how many packing materials you need to pack everything safely. Then, inspect each bottle to ensure everything is in order. You want to avoid blaming your movers for damages that were already there beforehand. Once you have all the details on paper, you can move to the next stage.

Several wine bottles on the table
Inspect your wine collection to confirm it is in a good shape and ready to be relocated.

The next step is to inspect the environment. You shouldn’t move boxes with wine bottles through the hazardous environment. If there are metal or wooden objects on the way, remove them and make a clear path where you can move unobstructed. You can get your wine collection out of the way first or remove everything else and move it last. Whatever you prefer better.

Search for the professional moving team

As you already know, wine must be stored at a certain temperature and favorable conditions. And it must be moved in the same way. This means you need one of the full service moving companies Denver to take care of this part. Unless you have a climate-controlled vehicle which you probably don’t. Hence, search for the right moving team by browsing online. You will find several eligible choices and you should narrow it down by comparing prices and services. But what is most important here is to give them a call and confirm they have the required vehicle and knowledge on how to move such a valuable and delicate cargo.

Trying to pack a wine collection
No matter what you move, you must enlist a reliable moving team for the job.

You must also confirm the legitimacy of the company you are hiring. Read a few moving reviews to confirm they have all the knowledge, experience, and the right approach for this task. Check other moving services Denver as well because there might be something useful for your moving situation. Wrap up your moving plan and prepare to pack a wine collection.

The packing materials required to pack a wine collection

There are two ways to cover this stage. You can either purchase everything yourself at the nearest hardware store. Or you can let your movers bring everything and assist with packing. Either way, you should have the following:

  • Cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes designed for holding glass bottles.
  • Styrofoam, bubble wrap, or a lot of newspaper/packing paper.
  • Packing tape
  • Labels

Once you have it all on hand, you can start packing. Now we will explain everything step by step to ensure there are no mistakes.

How to pack it right?

To pack a wine collection you must be patient and focused. Start with the cardboard box and its base. Use Styrofoam and bubble wrap only to make a cushion and to fill small gaps. Do not wrap bottles individually with anything else than a newspaper because it will raise the temperature and ruin your wine. Then, place your bottles in a cushiony environment and leave a bit of space at the top so you can close the box safely. Finally, take crumpled packing paper and fill the rest of the gaps. Close your box, apply a bit of tape, and label it with a huge “FRAGILE” sign. Also, verbally explain to your movers what is inside the box. You can’t take any risks with this one.

Moreover, if you are moving on a rainy day you must carry each box from your home to the moving truck covered with a plastic sheet or a tarp. Not a single raindrop is allowed on your box. Also, ask your movers to keep the floor inside the truck dry. If your box gets all wet, it will tear and you’ll end up with broken bottles. No one wants this to happen.

A guy holding a cardboard box
If you want your cargo to reach the other side undamaged, label it properly.

What to do in case of damages?

To be perfectly honest, there is nothing you can do after your wine collection is damaged. But you can do a lot to prevent such a scenario from occurring. As we already said before, you must inspect your wine collection in the right way. And while doing it, you should note each bottle down and create your wine collection list. Once you are done, take the list to your local wine appraiser to obtain the estimated value of your collection. When you know how valuable it is you should seek moving insurance either from your movers or from an insurance company. We suggest taking full coverage for a 100% return in case of any damages. It might be a bit expensive but you shouldn’t take any risks when moving such cargo.

Moreover, your movers will take all precautionary measures when they hear how valuable it is. Some companies will even refuse to relocate such a fragile and valuable cargo. The risk is too high and as you know, moving mishaps can happen at any time no matter how prepared you are. But do not worry, you will find a proper moving team that will take care of it successfully.

Let it rest

As a wine collector yourself, you already know of the term “bottle shock”. After moving, wine is mixed and disturbed and it might not taste great if you open any of the bottles straight away. So, you must leave it to rest and settle for at least a week. Also, if you intend on giving away or selling any of the bottles from your collection, notify the other side to avoid unpleasant situations.

And now you know how to pack a wine collection and relocate it safely. We are sure you will handle this one right. Hopefully, we helped enough and gave you at least one new idea on how to protect your valuable cargo. Good luck and be safe

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