How to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora

When you first built your home gym you must have been so happy and proud without even realizing or thinking that at any point, that gym will make you feel inconvenienced. But now, faced with your upcoming move, you see that all those weights and heavy machines will be tough to pack. But still don’t worry. We presume you have a lot of questions. Is it worth moving everything? How to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora? Can you do it alone? And we are here to help! If you at any point don’t feel like doing it yourself you can also always find one of the full service moving companies Denver has to offer.

You will need a plan to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora properly

Let’s say over the years while you were making your home gym you accumulated many different types of equipment and machines. And now after you decided to move those same things are causing you headaches. Gym equipment can be quite heavy as well as easy to damage. Not to mention that much of it is also quite expensive. So let’s say you decided to move and contacted movers Aurora CO. You picked out the date and now all that’s left to do is pack! But before you even try to pack and relocate your home gym equipment in Aurora you should make a plan. That plan should consist of two important parts.

  • Packing gym equipment
  • Moving gym equipment
Woman working out with free weights
When cleaning the gym equipment make sure you pay more attention to the ones you use on daily basis.

Packing gym equipment

It’s important you start packing your gym equipment on time! Don’t wait until the last moment and rush it. Be responsible with your time. The packing plan should also have some checkpoints.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Free weights
  3. Elliptical
  4. Treadmill


Before you attempt to pack and move your gym in Aurora cleaning is a must! There are many things to consider. From sweating while training to the usual dust that accumulates over time. And all of these are potential health hazards. So why would you risk bringing any bacteria into your new home, or exposing your home movers Denver to them? So pick up your cleaning supplies and a cloth and clean everything!

Free weights

After cleaning the actually packing can start. Usually, every gym has a lot of free weights lying around. In order to pack them you will need boxes. Although you can pick any type of box, in order to safely move heavy weights a plastic container or hard cardboard box is recommended. Also, get a lot of bubble wrap or paper wrap.

  • All of your weights should be wrapped tightly in order to be safe during the move.
  • Don’t overload a box. It’s best to have many smaller boxes than one big one. This way the weights will be secured in place and the boxes will be easier to move.
  • Use tape to make sure the box doesn’t brake.
You can work out one last time before you follow your plan to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora
Pack and relocate your home gym equipment in Aurora carefully. But before you do so you can enjoy one last training session in this home.


In order to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora sometimes taking apart your equipment will be mandatory. And this happens to be the case for an Elliptical. Due to its shape, it is hard to move in one piece. So start by unscrewing the nuts and bolts and slowly removing the moving legs and pedals. Get a Ziplock bag or jar to keep all of the small parts in. As for the big parts, wrap them in moving blankets and secure them with tape.


When you think of a piece of equipment usually found in most homes, a treadmill pops to mind. That means most people have trouble moving it safely. But don’t worry it’s not hard if you know the steps.

  • Make sure everything is cleaned
  • Disconnect all the wires from the wall(unplug them)
  • Fold your treadmill up, and secure it in place
  • While the treadmill is still folded use moving blankets to wrap around it and secure them with tape

Moving gym equipment

The next step after packing is naturally moving. So it’s no surprise that in order for you to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora a moving guide is also needed. So it is only natural that this too needs a plan. Although you can always contact packing services Denver CO has in order to get the so much-needed help, there are still ways to do it alone or with the help of friends.

  1. Start light
  2. Free weights
  3. Elliptical
  4. Treadmill

Start light

How will you start the packing process? Well, you should start it lightly. Meaning that the first things you should move are your yoga mats, gym towels, and other types of things commonly found in gyms.

Free weights

Make sure that you place the weight boxes on the bottom of the moving truck. Due to their weight, they can be a risk if placed higher up. There is a chance of them crushing other boxes or falling.

Woman walking on a treadmill
Although there are different types of gym equipment all of them should be handled with care.


After carefully taking it apart you should be capable to carry the parts of the elliptical into the moving truck all by yourself. While you do that make sure to check if everything is wrapped properly and secured. After placing everything in the truck one more step is left. Making sure there is no room for the Elliptical and its parts to move. After earning into your new home all that’s left is to unload it and assemble the parts! And you can build your dream home gym again


When you are trying to pack and move your home gym equipment in Aurora know that you can do most of it on your own. But there are still some things you will need help with. And being extremely heavy the treadmill is one of them. The safest way for you and everyone is to find a furniture dolly. Then place the treadmill on a furniture dolly (after getting it folded up and wrapping it with a blanket). While on the dolly, center the treadmill properly. You can ask someone to help you with that. Loading it into the truck is also made easy with the help of a ramp!

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