How to pack and protect Halloween decoration for next year

You are moving again. And this time you are relocating to Denver. As you know, you must organize, pack, and cover all moving responsibilities on time to ensure the safest relocation possible. But because you are moving around the Halloween time, you must pack and protect Halloween decoration. Presumably, you are keeping it in the first place. And if you do, then you must pack, relocate, and store them adequately. Hence, let’s cover this task together.

Decide where to store your Halloween decoration first

Firstly, you must decide where to store your Halloween decorations. And you must do this before your Denver small movers arrive. Everything should be already packed and nicely prepared for the road ahead. And as soon as you reach the destination, you should take care of all the fragile pieces you possess. Halloween decorations are included in this category. Hence, before you pack and protect Halloween decoration, think about the place where you can store them without them being endangered at any point. A preferably dry and rarely visited place like the attic or basement.

kids playing
Let your kids play a bit more before you pack away your Halloween decorations.

Inspect before you pack and protect Halloween decorations

Depending on the size of your family, you might have several Halloween costumes and a bunch of decorations. It can be up to 5 full cardboard boxes with this kind of content. Therefore, you must inspect it and realize what can be recycled and what should go. You must know the state those items are in and how many of them you have. This way you can prepare better and use the right materials for the occasion. Also, you should declutter and downsize if possible. Check out a few lucrative solutions:

  • Donate
  • Sell online
  • Give to friends
  • Recycle
  • Throw away

Or you can keep it all. Just remember, they will take a lot of space and if there is anything you can easily obtain the next year, you shouldn’t hoard it unnecessarily.

A storage unit might be the answer

Yes, you can store all your decorations and costumes in the loft, garage, basement, or inside your home. But there might be a better solution for this situation. Consider renting a storage unit near your home and gain a lot more space than you already have. This is a lucrative solution for those who are relocating to a smaller apartment. Hence, check out the local storage unit provider or rent one from your best movers in Denver. Movers have a plethora of viable options for you so be sure to communicate this with the moving representative. After you find a good unit, pack and protect your decoration and get them ready for storage.

outdoor storage units
If you find a good storage facility near your home, consider storing your decorations there.

It is time to pack and protect Halloween decoration

Considering the size of your moving budget and the number of Halloween decorations you have; you will purchase the necessary packing materials. You will need cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and labels. And the packing process is simple. Make a cushion inside your box, place your items inside, tuck them in if necessary, and close your box. Apply tape and labels to be sure your boxes will stay in one piece and for movers to know what they are dealing with.

All these materials are used for all other items in your home. If you have a bit higher moving budget you can purchase better-quality packing materials. Especially for fragile content in your home. But if you are not sure how to handle the packing process, purchase packing services Denver CO and be done with it. Your movers will bring all packing supplies required and pack you within hours. Awesome right?

Now you know how to pack and protect Halloween decoration. It is a fairly easy process and we are sure you will handle it correctly. Just find a good and reliable moving company so you can avoid damages in the transport. Good luck.

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