How to pack bookshelves for moving

Relocating home was always hard. You must prepare all your items for moving, dedicate the moving budget, meddle with legalities, and find affordable movers Denver. And there is always the question of all those robust and hard-to-handle furniture you must carry over. Some people must pack bookshelves for moving and those are quite tricky to relocate. Mostly because they shouldn’t be disassembled or if you do take them apart, it must be done flawlessly. Later on, these pieces must hold all your books perfectly. One small mistake can collapse everything and hurt someone in a split second. So, to solve this problem, let us cover this topic together and teach you how to relocate bookshelves safely. Let’s go!

Make a plan to pack bookshelves for relocation first

To pack bookshelves for moving you will need a delicate approach. Firstly you must create a detailed packing plan for your books and for your shelves. Create a step by step list that should contain the following:

  • What kind of wood your shelves are made of?
  • How many books do they hold and what is the weight of the cargo?
  • Can you disassemble your shelves or not?
  • Do you have tall shelves or smaller ones?
  • Can your shelves fit through all the doors, hallways, staircases, and into the moving vehicle?
  • How many packing supplies you’ll need to cover everything?
books on the shelf
Inspect your shelves carefully and make sure they can survive the journey.

Those are just the mandatory questions you must obtain before you attempt anything. Your furniture movers Denver can’t create a moving plan without this info. Bookshelves are expensive and easily breakable under pressure. One wrong move and you can damage them beyond repair. And because books are heavy, bookshelves are usually replaced rather than repaired because the risk is too high to keep all those heavy books on them. Especially when you have children running around the place. So, take all the measurements and create your list and bring it to your movers.

Find the moving company that is up to the task

You will safely pack bookshelves but who will relocate them that is an entirely different thing. You must find a reliable professional moving company to assist you on this journey. To get your hands on good apartment movers Denver, you must browse the internet for a bit. Do not worry, it will take only an hour if you implement your search criteria and stay on track. All you need is a licensed moving company with all the tools, knowledge, and enough experience in the field. Once you find something like that, give them a call, provide the info you gathered, obtain a moving quote, and communicate the details of the move. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, move to the next one in line until you find a decent moving price. That is all.

Pack bookshelves for moving but prepare your books as well

Before you start packing your bookshelves, you must pack your books as well. Take all your books down and clean them with the duster. Do it thoroughly and use leather gloves while doing it. This way you will keep moisture out of the way and protect your more expensive volumes. Sort your books into categories and pack them in cardboard boxes. Label each box adequately.

clean and pack bookshelves for moving
Think about your books as well. lean them thoroughly before packing.

As for your shelves, firstly you must realize if they are meant to be disassembled in the first place. If they are, you must have a proper set of tools to do it. Hopefully, you know how to do it. If not, let your movers do it instead. They have all the knowledge and experience. Simply purchase packing services Denver CO and they will handle the whole process instead. But if you decide on doing it by yourself, be sure to keep all the screws and bolts in a separate baggie. It would be bad to lose one and to be unable to put it all back together once you move in.

Wrap it up

In the end, you will wrap each piece or the entire shelf in bubble wrap and load it into the moving truck. You must know how to do it right because this is the moment when you can easily damage your shelf. The best solution is to let your movers handle this part. You are paying them to do it after all.

Now you know how to pack bookshelves for moving. It all comes to it if you want to break them apart or move them in one piece. But one thing is certain, you can’t do it without a reliable moving company. Good luck and we wish you to find the best one on the market.

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