How to pack bulky coats and jackets

When the time for the move comes, packing presents one of the biggest concerns for you. And most of you thinking about packing furniture, dishes, appliances. The last thing on your to-do list is packing clothes, jackets, coats. It seems like people don’t pay much attention when packing clothes, because they think they will do this task easily. However, if your clothes don’t have enough attention as they require, things could go wrong and packing could last more than you expect. What you need to do is to avoid potential problems such as damaging and ripping off your valuable clothes. The best way to make it is to stay with our experts from one of the finest moving companies Denver. We have prepared a simple guide on how to pack bulky coats and jackets on short notice. After you read this guide, packing your clothes will be efficient!

Prepare for packing your clothes

Before you start thinking about the ways to pack your winter clothes, you should decide whether you need them or not. Because if you are not going to wear them, you should not move them to your new home. So, before the packing starts, take relocating to Denver as an opportunity to declutter your closet. This is especially important when it comes to your winter clothes since there is a pretty number of heavy and bulky pieces. So, let your first step be sorting out your bulky coats and jackets. Take time to carefully examine if some of them are stained or ripped. Put aside jackets and coats that you can not use anymore. Further, try on the rest of your coats and jackets to see if they still fit you. If don’t, you should give up on packing them.

A woman sorting out the wardrobe
Take enough time for this task.

Even if your move is urgent, you will probably have enough time to decide should you pack all bulky coats for the move. And according to our experts for packing services Denver, there are so many reasons to skip packing all of them. As we already mentioned, some of them are damaged, they don’t fit you anymore, and if you still decide to pack them, the price of your move will be higher. Also, you will need more packing supplies to pack those bulky winter garments you actually don’t need. If you pack bulky jackets you will not use in the future, you will have less space in your closet, too. Instead of this, sell, donate or give your coats and jackets to charity before packing starts! This way you can dedicate yourself to properly packing the rest of your coats and jackets you truly need.

Get all you need to pack bulky coats and jackets

Packing your valuable clothes requires proper packing supplies. In case you don’t get the packing materials you need and opt to improvise packing your clothes, you could ruin some of your favorite pieces. So, we asked our residential movers Denver what will you need to pack bulky coats and jackets. They share their knowledge with us and here is what you should get as soon as possible:

  • Wardrobe boxes –  these specialized moving boxes are ideal when you need to pack large coats and jackets.  Having them will allow you to pack your winter clothes just as they were set in your wardrobe.
  • Suitcase for sure you already have them and they will be ideal for jackets that don’t crumble. In case you don’t have a lot of jackets, you can pack all of them in your suitcases.
  • Luggage cubes – these packing cubes are an ideal way to condense and organize your winter jackets and coats. Using them will help you maximize your space when you want to pack winter coats and jackets.
  • Vacuum bags – using vacuum bags will help you protect your jackets and coats from dirt and moisture. If you don’t have any of these, purchase them from the Amazon website. Vacuum bags are designed to compress and squeeze your clothes by sucking the air out of them and they will give you more space when packing.
  • Moving boxes in multiple sizes –  sometimes it will be just enough to wrap and pack your light jackets in the moving boxes.
  • Packing tape – Don’t forget to close your boxes after you pack winter coats and jackets.
Colorful jackets on hanger
Prepare all you need for the packing process.

It is time to pack your winter clothes

Having suitable packing supplies is crucial for packing. This will enable you to finish the job before your local movers CO comes. Now when you have all you need to pack your heavy winter clothes, it is time to use proper techniques to complete this task. The right packing methods will help you save your clothes from getting dirty, stained, or ripped out. Also, if you use the right techniques you will save time and space while packing. So, let’s focus on the following steps.

Packing techniques- pack jackets and coats step by step

Before you pack bulky coats, you will need to fold them neatly. So, button-up or zip your jacket or coat, because this will make them easier to fold. Firstly, fold the sleeves of your jacket or coat. Now lay the piece of clothes on its front side and fold each sleeve backward, then fold the coat or jacket in half. Use your bed, table, or any other surface to do this. Start from the collar and squeeze your jacket tighter by rolling it up. Now you can use a vacuum bag to vacuum it or just roll it up and pack it in a suitcase or box.

A person trying to figure out how to pack bulky coats and jackets while looking at them
Stick to the right techniques when you need to pack your bulky coats and jackets.

In case your jacket or coat has a detachable hood, make sure to remove it right away. In case you need to pack a jacket with a non-detachable hood, try to roll a jacket into the hood. If this is not possible, fold the hood differently but before you fold the jacket in half. Wish you to pack your bulky coats and jackets trouble-free!

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