How to pack Christmas decoration for a move

When you’re about to relocate, you want to hire a reliable Colorado moving company to move you. You have to prepare for your relocation thoroughly, which means you have to plan things and make decisions. If you want your relocation to go smoothly, there is one thing you can do to make things easier. To make sure your items and belongings are safe, you must pack your inventory properly. On top of packing furniture and everyday items, you also need to know how to pack Christmas decoration for a move to keep it safe. Stick with us to the end of this article to find out the tips and tricks for packing Christmas décor for the move.

About Christmas decoration

Everybody loves Christmas because of the jolly atmosphere and placing Christmas decorations all over the place. However, not everyone likes putting away Christmas décor, and not everyone likes packing it either because of how complicated it is. When you say Christmas decoration, you usually think of a Christmas tree and ornaments. However, there are more types of décor than that. Keep in mind that ornaments can be made out of different materials, like plastic, glass, or porcelain. Besides Christmas ornaments, people use Christmas lights to bring light and cheer into their homes. Some people buy real Christmas trees, but some prefer buying artificial trees. People also buy sculptures and decorate their homes with them. There are so many Christmas decorations to keep track of. This is what makes packing Christmas décor so complicating. Luckily for you, we’re here to make things easy.

trying to pack Christmas decoration for a move
Use our tips to pack your Christmas décor for your upcoming move!

How to pack your Christmas decoration for a move

Now that we explained the different types of Christmas decoration, you are ready to start packing. Before we start, remember to pack and plan for the move on time. However, if your relocation is last-minute, hire last minute movers Denver and have a safe relocation. With that out of the way, it’s time to learn how to pack Christmas décor.

Use boxes to pack

Both cardboard and plastic boxes can keep your decoration safe. People often use plastic bags or plastic tote bags to put away their Christmas décor. When it comes to relocation, this is a bad choice. Bags can shift and tear in transport, resulting in broken ornaments and such. Boxes are easier to stack and are more secure and convenient. However, cardboard boxes can bend, break and tear if you’re not careful. This is why plastic boxes might be the best choice for packing. Plastic boxes are durable and tough and shouldn’t break easily in transport. However, if you don’t feel like packing by yourself, you can always search for packing services CO and get it done for you.

couple packing boxes and cutting paper
In general, you should use boxes to pack your inventory and décor.

Declutter and get rid of items you don’t want

Perhaps the biggest problem when packing is excess decoration. If it takes up space and you want it gone, it’s time to get rid of it. There are several ways to dispose of Christmas decoration you don’t want anymore. These are surely going to help you declutter your inventory and make it easier to pack and move.

  • Sit down and sort all of your decorations. Separate the ones you will take with you from the ones you plan to dispose of.
  • You can throw away broken Christmas ornaments, or you can recycle them. Find DIY projects with Christmas ornaments online and get creative!
  • If you have ornaments that are intact but you just don’t want them or like them anymore, you can give them away or sell them.
  • Use Christmas boas to fill boxes when packing your Christmas decoration instead of throwing them away! This way you can also save money by not buying box fillings to secure your inventory.
  • You can donate Christmas decorations you don’t need to charity.

Pack your Christmas decoration for a move and label everything

Label all the boxes when packing not only your inventory but your Christmas decoration as well. Labeling your boxes for the move makes it easier to figure out what is what once you’re done relocating. Grab some tape and scissors, write down the names on a piece of paper and you’re good to go. After you unpack your inventory in your new home, you will find everything you need with ease. Not only that, but you will also be able to tell where you put your Christmas decoration when the time comes! After you’re done labeling boxes, head on and call our movers Parker CO to arrange a relocation!

woman labelling cardboard boxes with red marker
Overall, label your boxes when packing for your relocation so that you’ll know where your things are.

Fill your boxes completely

Filling boxes the right way is the most important step to packing your Christmas décor. You can either invest in new packing materials, or you can use things you already have to fill boxes. Christmas boas, towels, cleaning cloths, and newspapers serve as good box fillings. You can also additionally protect your decorations with bubble wrap. You can check out Amazon’s offer for packing materials if you want to get new ones.

Last words on how to pack Christmas decoration for a move…

Many people consider Christmas to be the best time and holiday of the year. It is a time when you gather and spend time with your family members. The Christmas food is great and many people love Christmas decoration and the atmosphere it makes in their homes. Many families enjoy the tradition of taking out old, dusty boxes with Christmas ornaments and decorating the Christmas tree. Now that you know how to pack Christmas decoration for a move, you don’t have to worry about any possible damage. After the move, you will be able to put out the Christmas tree and take out your ornaments, lights, and sculptures, and decorate your home festively. Call Home Grown Moving and get relocated today!

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