How to pack dishes for relocation?

The kitchen is generally the hardest room to pack and move. And that’s mostly because of how hard it is to pack fragile items like dishes. You need to show special care and attention to detail to do it without error. However, we as a Colorado moving company want to help you pack dishes for relocation and the ways it can be done. Here are just some of the things you need if you really want to keep your dishes safe and your health untouched.

Before you start to pack dishes for relocation make an inventory

It’s always a good move to check what you have before moving. Before that, it’s time to get a pen and paper and even a camera and start writing down. Good organization skills will make your packing go by faster and will make it easier. For that reason, if you want to move and pack in a more efficient manner, then movers Parker CO are here for you. They are highly professional and will take care of your dishes without problems.

Woman writing down
Make sure you write down what you have

Gather all the supplies needed before you pack dishes for moving

To properly pack fragile items like dishes you’ll need to gather all the supplies you might need. Obviously, you’ll need a lot of packing paper, tape, and so much more in order to keep everything safe. However, there’s even a better option. Why not use our packing services CO that will get all the supplies and do the work for you? It will save you a lot of time you can spend in other ways and you’ll make sure your fragile dishes get packed accordingly.

Don’t let your moving boxes get too full

However small dishes might seem they can get pretty heavy when stacked in a moving box. For that reason, the best you can do is to not overdo it with the plates and pack a normal amount into one box. Above all, you will prevent them from getting damaged if you pack smaller amounts and you will avoid injuries when you light the moving box. That’s why our residential movers CO always approach packing and moving dishes with h extreme caution as they know how dangerous it can be.

A dog inside a moving box
When you pack dishes for relocation don’t forget about strong moving boxes

Label the boxes accordingly

In order to make your loading and unpacking process easier, it’s a good idea to label all your boxes that contain dishes. They are very fragile and even smaller turbulences can cause scratches if not complete breakage. Make sure you’ve got moving boxes that you can write on, or even put a tape on it. It’s safety first when it’s packing and moving time. So make sure to double-check your boxes that contain fragile items, including dishes.

When moving, you want every single item to arrive safely at the new destination. For that reason, you need to pay attention to the most fragile items you have. For most people, those are dishes. We hope that our tips and tricks on how to pack dishes for relocation helped you out and that you won’t have problems when packing them. Always remember that they need to stay in a position where they can’t wiggle too much during the move and we’re sure everything will go well for you and the dishes.

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