How to Pack Valuables & Dishes

How to Pack Your Valuables and Dishes for Moving Day

Have you ever thought about how much stress goes into moving? There’s pre-packing, packing, the move, cleaning the old house, moving the new house… the list goes on of stuff that you can actually see that will cause you stress.

Then there’s more subliminal stressors. Like your valuables and your dishes. Think about it. Your valuables probably are either expensive or have sentimental value that make them priceless. You want to be sure to treat them with the utmost care and move them well, but you also have so much going on that it can be hard to justify giving them “extra” time.

As a rule of thumb; valuables and dishes need to be wrapped better so they’re not accidentally damaged. Dishes might be one of the most time consuming pieces to move because you should wrap each of them individually.

Packaging Dishes

Grab some bubble wrap and some small boxes for your kitchen packing. Wrap dishes individually and then load them into the boxes one at a time. While it is tempting to use medium boxes over several small boxes, keep in mind that the designers of the boxes have certain uses in mind for each boxes size. If you overload a box it could split from too much weight, so be sure to not to put too many dishes in a single box. Use small boxes with double-tape on the bottom for dishes so the boxes stay together and don’t cause an additional mess by bursting.

Also, if you still feel there is too much room in the boxes and you imagine the dishes could shift around during the move, use more bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper to fill the space.

Packing Delicates & Valuables

A similar approach should be used for packing your valuables. Paintings should be wrapped individually with cardboard pieces on the corners and ideally should be boxed. Vases should be packed with plenty of bubble wrap and placed in a box that holds them firmly. Electronics should be secured and moved in the correct fitting style of box, a store like U Haul has moving boxes that are specifically for TVs.

If you don’t have the time to go to the store for supplies, the next best thing to protect these items is to put blankets and towels around your larger items and use clothes to wrap your dishes with. This has a little greater risk because if a dish does break, your favorite shirt could get a hole in it. Although if this technique is done right it can save you some extra money!

When you’re packing up all your valuables and dishes, be sure to write on the box: FRAGILE. While you have the marker open, write the destination as well, but make sure “fragile” can be seen from a couple different sides.

Lastly, whenever you load the moving truck, these are the boxes and pieces you want to be the most concerned with – don’t use these as the bottom of a stacking section. Put these items higher in the pecking order or even in your car for moving. Get moving straps/tie downs to bind them to the truck walls so there is not much shifting during the move. Pack them snugly so they don’t slip and fall on the drive. Also, when you’re packing heavy items try to create a buffer with softer items (more blankets, pillows, couch cushions etc.) that can absorb things if items do slide.

If you don’t trust yourself to get your valuables moved without breaking them, call Homegrown Moving and Storage Company in Denver at 303-587-6200. We are experts in moving small and large homes. We will get your home packed and unpacked so you can be less stressed on moving day!

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