How to pack wooden instruments

Instruments are expensive. That is a statement of fact.  However, much more than just expensive, they are also valuable. Instruments are the literal conduit to a unique form of expression that helps us explain emotions and feelings in a universal language that is understood by every member of the human race on earth. That is exactly why, as a musician, you want to make sure that your instruments are safe during transport. As life often does for artists, it presents new chapters in new locations, calling on them to relocate often. If you are a musician you no doubt understand this perfectly. This is exactly why residential movers Denver are going to help you with useful tips on how to pack wooden instruments for when you take the road again (or for the first time, as a matter of fact).

Carry on, when you can

The first piece of advice that you should know is that you should avoid leaving instruments to regular packing services Denver CO, for example. This has nothing to do with any particular packing service, but with the simple truth that instruments require different levels of care than regular items on moving day. Actually, far as moving companies are concerned, most will not actually accept their relocation, as they are considered to be too valuable. If transportation of an instrument does occur, it is usually in a contest of a specialized service, additionally billed. Furthermore, the service in question is usually piano relocation. While bulky, pianos are much more durable and less susceptible to great damage during the move.

a carry on bag
Using carry on luggage is preferable

That is why you will probably have to take your wooden instrument pom to carry on when you are traveling. This does have its benefits. It offers you a way to be, at all times, aware of the location of your violin, for example, and you will be able to keep it safe from all the turbulence of the road. On the other hand, you are then forced to make some compromises in packing and you can’t really “forget about it” once you pack it, but continuously do an active job for the purpose of its protection. All in all, a carry-on is a safer option than most when traveling with your instruments, wooden or otherwise.

An extra seat can help

One thing that you can’t really workaround with wooden instruments is that even when you pack wooden instruments, they still take up space. That is not a problem for items that you are transporting with the help of your choice among moving companies in the Denver area. However, as we explained already, transporting wooden instruments, or instruments in general, is not possible in that way, meaning that you have to carry it with you. If you are traveling without a car, that means a use of public transportation or airplane.

In order to make your trip more comfortable, but also in order to avoid putting the instrument in suitcase departments where it will be tumbled after air travel, you should opt for buying your instrument a seat. This advice is particularly useful when one is moving a cello or a bass. They do need a lot of space. Cellos is basically as large as a person. Therefore buying it a ticket is the only option you really have! Going that one bonus step will help in both preventing damages to your wooden instrument and provide you with a more comfortable journey.

Get insurance when traveling with an instrument

It is often said that it is better to be safe than sorry. This extends to when you pack wooden instruments and travel with them, be it for a short distance with the help of local movers Denver, or going on a long-distance journey. Now, we do realize that instruments hold great sentimental value. That value cannot be replaced, even if the insurance is there. However, should something happen to them, at least you will get something back with insurance.

a close up o fa violine
Ensure the safety of your instrument!

By spending some money on travel insurance for your instrument you are doing yourself a service. You will not be exactly free of worry, sure. But, should something horrible and unavoidable happen, it is good to know that you will not be stranded without funds. That way you will be able to repair the instrument. Or, for example, afford a new one. This kind of security can mean a lot.

When you pack a wooden instrument – clean and detune

Finally, when you move wooden instruments and wooden furniture, there is definitely a difference in the quality of maintenance for both, as furniture movers Denver god attests to. Therefore, let us talk about what you should do.

  • Detuning – First and foremost, when you pack wooden instruments, string instruments, in this case, make sure that you detune them well. Any strain on the neck of the instrument can be detrimental.
  • Cleaning – Furthermore, you should do your best to clean the instrument, especially of oil, since it can badly damage the instrument during the confinement of travel.
  • Take special care – Finally, make sure you buy required cleaning oils instead of using water or other derivatives. Instruments are made with special wood and require special care. Cleaning a violin, or any other wooden instrument requires patience!

    when you pack wooden instruments
    Make it as pristine as it can get!

With utmost care!

And there it is. These were all of the advice we have given a thought to give. We do hope that you will find them useful. We especially mean this to be a guide on how to pack wooden instruments for first-timers since we are sure that those who travel often have seen all of these tips before and are implementing them regularly. These last words we leave to people who are new and/or who transport the instruments for others, not themselves. Please take great care. Instruments are fragile things, and even slight alterations to their structure can prevent them from ever sounding the same. They are a soul made of wood, brass, and string, and they hold a value that is rather unique. They require protection and care, always.

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