How to pack your bathroom before moving?

Even though the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, that does not make it the easiest to pack and transport to your new home. We tend to forget the number of things we keep in our bathrooms. Sometimes it is easier to pack up and move the large and bulky objects as opposed to a huge number of small, miscellaneous items. Usually, we figure out how many things there actually are in our bathroom when we start packing it and then we risk being late for the movers Parker CO pickup, which is not something we want to do. But don’t stress, with this guideline and a few simple pieces of advice, you will be all set to pack your bathroom before moving.

trying to pack your bathroom before moving
You will need to sort out your items on time so you have enough time to pack up your bathroom before the move.

Sort out everything you need to pack your bathroom before moving

This is the first step that applies to packing every room in your house. You will need to sort out all of your items and decide if you will be keeping, donating, or throwing them away. Start with this task a few weeks before the moving date, so you will not need to call last minute movers CO. The items should be divided into the following categories: small appliances, toiletries, medicine, shaving accessories, cosmetics and make-up, paper products, bath towels, and bathrobes, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous bathroom products.

What will you throw away?

The sorting process is perfect for throwing away any broken or damaged items. Another thing that you will need to get rid of is a dried-out product or the product that you really do not use. So, look into throwing out anything that is: broken or outdated, damaged, empty or nearly empty, expired, worn out (towels, bathrobes, shower curtains, bathroom mats – it does not need to be expired to be ready for the trash). If you do not want to throw away worn-out fabrics, you can always cut them up and use them as cleaning rags or as cushioning material for the more fragile items in transport. You will also need to throw out any toilet brushes, plungers, or any other items that may contain germs and bacteria.

Put your essentials in a special box

Make sure to put aside everything you use on a daily basis when you are sorting through your things. This may include your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toilet paper, hairbrush, and your everyday makeup, and a few clean towels. This box is very important because you will still need these things until the last moments of your move, during the whole relocation process, and the first few days in your new home. These items will go in your first-night box after the morning of the move to make sure you can get access to these things.

Pack up your medicine before moving
Sort out your medicine and throw out anything you don’t need or use.

Starting off with your medicine

When you start to sort your cupboards, medicine chest, drawers, and vanity; you will surely find a lot of medicine bottles, tubes, and jars. Make sure to put them aside and check the expiration date on every product. It often happens that we leave this kind of stuff in our bathroom for way too long time and the moving process is the perfect time to do a little downsizing and cleaning. You will need to throw out anything that is past its expiry date, with an unreadable label, if the properties have changed (color or smell), it does not seem to work, and so on. After you have gone through all of the medicine that you own, you will need to go and talk to your local pharmacist or contact the FDA to get directions on how to safely dispose of the medicine as it may cause great environmental damage.


You will also need to sort through your toiletries and pick and choose what you want to take with you. Most likely, you will keep the more expensive toiletries or the ones that are hard to replace, like face creams and perfumes. When packing the items, you will need to make sure that all the lids are properly closed and tightened and that all the tubes and bottles will not leak. The best way to ensure that nothing will cause a leakage is to put everything into zippered plastic bags. Another great piece of advice is to label the box and tell your movers Denver Metro Area what is inside the boxes so they will know to handle it with care.

Moving perfumes
A lot of things in your bathroom are quite delicate so you will need to put in extra care in packing them up.

How to pack your bathroom items

You will need to use small boxes and separate your toiletries from your medicine. As a lot of medicine comes in glass, you will need to cushion everything with packing materials such as bubble wrap. If you do not have bubble wrap, you can always use towels and linen as cushion material. When you are all done with placing everything in small boxes make sure to put all of the small boxes in a larger box so you do not lose them in transport. The packing materials that you will need to pack your bathroom before the move are moving boxes, packing tape, and plastic bags. If you do not have enough money or patience to pack everything one by one, you can always get professional packing services Denver and they will be done in no time.

Another thing to remember on how to pack your bathroom before moving

Bathrooms are usually quite hard to pack and move. This is because the items are usually really delicate (like glass bottles and jars) or they contain liquids that can easily spill out during transport. So, the best advice is to pack and move as lightly as you can so you avoid any unnecessary damage. This means you will have to think about this in advance and use up all of your half full and half empty products.

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