How to pack your rugs and carpets

Organizing a move to a new home is always an interesting challenge, no matter how many times you have moved before. Every element of a move, from hiring quality movers such as the Home Grown Moving Company, or planning the packing schedule, have their own particular set of steps that you should follow in order to successfully execute the move. The same goes for packing your belongings. Different types of items require different types of care and a different type of packing. Rugs and carpets are no different. That is why we have created this short, handy guide on how to pack your rugs and carpets in the most efficient way possible. 

Step 1. – Clean them properly before you do anything else 

In order to prepare rugs and carpets for whichever long distance moving companies Denver you have hired, you first need to clean them. Vacuum them carefully one by one. It is really important to do this properly so that any pests residing in them are removed. This is especially important if you plan to put them in storage somewhere. A great way to make sure you did the job is to put them in the sun for a few hours

dog on a carpet
It is important to clean the carpets before doing anything else

Step 2. – Figure out the direction of the nap and turn them upside down

Every rug’s fibers have a certain direction. Use your hand to determine this by rubbing it over the surface of the rug. Smooth them over towards the correct side. Once you have done that, turn the rug upside down. The reason for this is that most of the rugs (at least those of the cheaper kind) have stiff backsides. If you did not do this, rolling them would lead to backside cracking and deforming. Movers relocating to Denver your belongings can really damage the carpets permanently. So, make sure that you do not skip this step. 

Clean them before you pack your rugs and carpets
Finding the direction of the carpet’s fiber is really important

Step 3. – In order to pack your rugs and carpets, you must roll them and tie them up

Remember the nap part of the rug? Well, now you have to roll the rugs against the direction of their naps. If you have followed all the steps, once you roll the carpets this way, you will have prepared them in a way that will reduce the risk of damaging them to a minimum. In order to be as efficient as possible, roll them into the smallest cylinder you can. To do this, simply roll them slowly and tightly. Now you only need to tie them up. Use two pieces of string or twine for each and tie them up towards each end. Depending on their size, around a foot or two from the edge. Then simply roll them up (not with plastic) with sheets of hard brown or craft paper. Tape it all and they are ready for action. 

Another thing that you should be aware of when preparing to pack your rugs and carpets is that packing services  Denver could do it much better than you. This will only save your time but it will be much better for your carpets as well.

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