How to pack your ski equipment when moving to Conifer

If you are a fan of winter sports and planning on moving or visiting Conifer, we can understand why. There are lots of amazing ski resorts making it the perfect destination for skiing. However, you’ll need to know how to pack your ski equipment. So if you decided to make it harder for yourself and avoid hiring the packing services Denver CO moving companies offer, here’s a guide on how to pack your ski equipment when moving to Conifer on your own.

How to pack the skis when moving to Conifer

If you can, buy a ski bag online before the relocation day. A ski bag will ensure that your equipment is safe and at no risk of being damaged during transportation. However, if you don’t have the time to buy a ski bag, here are the steps on how to pack your ski equipment when moving to Conifer:

  • Wrap the skis and pols separately in the stretch wrap so they don’t scratch.
  • Put the equipment in the ski bag if you have one, and cover it with moving blankets. Use duct tape or zip ties around the ends to prevent the equipment from slipping out.
  • Additionally, you can use foam pipe insulation to cover the poles.
skis on the ground
Pack your equipment in a ski bag when moving to Conifer to ensure it’s safe during the relocation.

Packing the helmet

Look for a box that’s a bit bigger than the helmet and line it using a soft cloth. Put the helmet inside the box and cover it with another soft cloth. You can use packing peanuts or newspaper to fill the empty space inside the box. Or you can even use your ski underwear to fill any empty space.

Packing the boots

Because the boots are less fragile than the skis, they’re easier for packing and moving. However, they’re still expensive which means you’ll have to take extra care. Fill both boots with packing paper to keep their shape. After you do this, cover the boots with a soft cloth so they don’t scratch. Denver small movers recommend you put the boots in a moving box and fill it with packing peanuts in case there’s movement so they don’t damage during transportation.

ski equipment on the snow
Take extra care of your boots when packing them.

Packing the accessories

Pack accessories such as bindings, goggles, wax, etc. in a small box and label it. Wrap the goggles in a case or foam packing wrap to prevent scratching. In addition, tape the box of wax containers shut and put it in individual plastic bags. This will protect the rest of the box in case the wax melts.

Keeping your ski equipment safe

When you follow our guide on how to pack your ski equipment when moving to Confier, you’ll move it to your new home safely. When the movers Conifer CO come to your home to load your belongings onto the moving truck, make sure that your ski equipment is the last thing that’s loaded. This way you’ll be able to choose a good spot where you know the equipment is safe during transportation.

Final words

Packing your ski equipment when moving to Conifer is important to make sure it arrives safely at your new home. However, if you don’t have the time to pack it yourself, consider hiring one of the moving companies Denver offers. With their experience and skills, they’ll pack and move your equipment to your new home with ease.

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