How to prepare fragile items for moving long distance

If you want to prepare for a damage-free move you better read this article. We know that packing fragile items will get on your nerves, but trust us it’s worth it. Today we’ll discuss how to prepare fragile items for moving long distance. We as experienced packers and movers Denver would like to share with you some tips and tricks. We’ll show how you can do this easily, efficiently, and faster than ever before. By the way, this is something that can’t be done within an hour or two, it will require more time. So let’s get started!

Prepare boxes for fragile items for long distance move

We as experienced long distance movers Colorado would like to tell you to save as many boxes as you can. You will need smaller boxes or the original boxes when trying to prepare fragile items for moving long distance. Now one of the main reasons is that in the original boxes there is no shifting, tumbling and movements are minimal. So if you don’t have them look for the boxes here:

  • Ask friends, coworkers, and family if they have any extra boxes
  • Ask in your liquor store, these boxes are really good for bottles and glasses
  • Department, grocery stores, restaurants, and pet shops
Glass containers in different colors;
You’ll have to do a lot of work and you’ll need a lot of materials to pack, wrap and move fragile items.

One extra hint is to try and find glasses with dividers like that you’ll find in a box of wine. Now you ask movers or if you want to DIY at least consider calling them to ask for advice. They are more experienced and they have all sorts of boxes with them. If you have some extra spaces that are empty fill them with any leftover paper or with some of the clothes if you want to be more eco-friendly. Also, this a good advice if you want to be eco-friendly use empty suitcases are carriers instead of boxes.

Wrapping and packing plates and glasses

Now when it comes to wrapping and packing you’ll spend a lot of time there. This is the most boring part of the whole process.  So let’s see what materials will you need. You’ll need markers, packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap,  newspapers or any kind of paper (or cloth), and markers. Now if you’re packing plates they should pa packed on top of the other but each one has to be bubble wrapped and wrapped with packing tape. Also, newspapers should be in between. Don’t forget that the heaviest things go on the bottom of the boxes. Also, don’t overpack the boxes since the plates are quite heavy.

We as experienced packing services CO would like to advise you on how to pack glasses. Now glasses are super fragile and you would want to fill them with crumpled paper. Also, put the crumpled paper between them and in every inch of space within the box. This way you will disable any movement. Now also surround this box with other smaller and medium-size boxes with not-so-heavy items, so they don’t crash it if something goes wrong. Also on the top of the box put lighter items while at the bottom heavier. Don’t forget t label all of the boxes and even some of the wrapped items, since it’ll be much easier when it comes to unpacking.

A woman and her kid packing plates into boxes;
Be careful when you’re packing plates. You’ll need to pack every item separately and wrap it on paper.

How to prepare fragile items like TVs, frames, and  pictures for moving long distance

You can count on moving service Denver CO to help you with any complex packing. When it comes to frames and pictures something large and flat can be quite useful. What could that be? Well of course a pizza box. Yeah, it’s true if you clean it properly or if the pizza company wants to share it with you. Now as we’ve already told the best is the original packaging so if you don’t have it you’ll have to think of an alternative. If the frames are square or round but smaller in size using any box but use crumpled paper and wrap every item in the box. Also between the items and around them put more paper. A more eco-friendly option would be if you could wrap it in some of your clean old clothes or towels.

Now when it comes to TVs they are like big pictures and we as home movers Denver get a lot of questions about them. They should be placed in big boxes usually the original packing is the best option or asks professional movers to help you. TVs like computer monitors need to be disassembled first. So start by removing HDMI cables, power supply, sound bars, external SDDs, or anything that is attached to the TV. Here size matters so you should pick the right size. Again you shouldn’t pick too big just because TV is huge, but if you don’t have any other option stuff it. Like with any previous items stuff it, but first wrap the TV in blankets and bubble wrap it. You should also use packing tape to secure the device from all sides.

Opened cardboard box with a picture in it;
Packing photos, frames, and TVs aren’t as easy and it’ll require more time, especially when you’re searching for big boxes.

The conclusion

So our dear readers take your time.  We want to manage our stress since everything else will go much smoother once we do this. Moving is complex and it requires time and energy. It can be exhausting if you have an active social life, kids, work, activities, etc. On top of all that now you have to make inventories and pack all the things up. So if your friends or relatives have any excess time maybe they could help you. But if you want a clean professional move, rethink hiring pros. So let’s prepare fragile items for moving long distance! We hope that you liked our blog and have a great move!

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