How to prepare pets for a cross country move

Many people see their pets as an extension of their human family. According to data, more than 85 million American families own pets. Clearly, as a nation, we treasure our furry companions. But when it comes to moving, pets bring unique challenges to the table. You’ll have to make certain adjustments to your relocation. How to prepare pets for a cross country move is going to depend on several factors. Their species, age, whether they’ve moved before will impact how you’ll approach this predicament. If you don’t know where to start, Home Grown Moving Company experts share their best tips for navigating this tricky process.

Choose a mode of transportation

A successful cross country move with pets all depends on how long the trip will be and how you’ll get there. In order to devise the best route and vehicle, you should research months in advance. Moving companies Westminster CO can help you with organizing moving tasks, so you have more time to focus on your pets. In case you choose to drive to your new home, you should first acclimate your pet to the vehicle. If possible, take them on long car rides and gauge their reaction. On the other hand, you could travel by plane. This option is more complicated and expensive, but it will get you to your destination faster.

trying to prepare pets for a cross country move
Transporting your pets by car is the easiest option, but it might take a long time.

Prepare pets for a cross country move by taking them to the vet

Before you embark on your journey, it’s generally a good idea to stop by a vet. Getting animals ready for a long-distance move should always involve a vet visit. Additionally, see if their vaccinations are up to date. Different states have different pet vaccination laws about so it’s best to ensure they’ve gotten all of their shots. While you’re there you can also check all of their document and records are in order. If your pet is very anxious by nature, you can ask the vet about what options you have for calming them down. While medication is rarely advised, they could share relaxation techniques.

dog and two people
To prepare your pets for a cross country move, make sure they’re healthy.

Make them comfortable on moving day

In case you are working with reliable cross country movers Denver for your relocation, you will have extra time for your pets and family. Instead of worrying about packing and loading boxes, focus on making your pets comfortable for the interstate relocation. There are many things you can do to make this process easier on your pets:

  • pack their favorite snacks
  • if they feel better in a crate make room for it in your car
  • don’t forget to bring their favorite toys with you
  • take breaks as often as needed
  • have someone with them all of the time
  • never leave them alone in a car

Your pets are a part of your family, and our long distance movers Denver will do everything to make your relocation smoother and easier. We will make sure all moving-related tasks get done on time so you can prepare pets for a cross country move effectively. The safety and comfort of your furry friends are our biggest concern and a top priority.

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