How to prepare your art collection for a long distance move

If you are planning to move home and have an art collection, you will need to put in time and effort to pack it properly. We will explain how to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move without damaging it. Prints and paintings are delicate and you have to be careful not to shatter the glass. On the other hand, sculptures are heavy and of unusual shape, which makes them difficult to transport. If you are an inexperienced mover we would recommend hiring one of the reliable long distance moving companies Denver to handle the relocation.

Collect the necessary packing materials to prepare your art collection for a long distance move

Collecting quality packing materials is a crucial part of your move. If you decide to pack and relocate on your own, you will have to start this process weeks, even months before the big day. However, if you hire moving professionals, they will provide packing services and accelerate the whole process. Packing materials are especially important when you start to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move.

Protect painting with bubble wrap and packing paper.
Delicate items, such as paintings, have to be properly packed for relocation

Packing supplies that you will need to protect prints and painting are bubble wrap, moving boxes of various sizes, markers for labeling boxes, scissors, tape, packing paper, etc. Bear in mind that you don’t have to buy all these supplies. You can get free moving boxes in local bookstores, grocery stores, or liquor stores. Just make sure they are durable, sturdy, and in good condition. Also, instead of using bubble wrap, you can protect your items with towels, clothes, or bed sheets.

Gather packing supplies in advance.
Use quality packing supplies to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move

When it comes to sculptures, the choice of packing materials will depend on the size and shape of the piece. Sculptures can be placed in wooden crates or moving boxes if they small. Also, you can use bubble wrap, shredded paper, or packing peanuts for protection. Use markers to label your boxes – write essential information on them so that your Denver movers know what is inside. This is particularly important as you should write handling instructions such as “fragile” or “handle with care”. Sculptures are heavy, bulky, and of unusual shape so, if possible, leave their packing and transport to professionals.

Prepare your art collection for a long-distance move

Once you gather all the necessary supplies, you can start packing your art collection. It’s necessary to protect each painting and pad the box you will be placing it in. If your artwork has a glass pane, go around the edge with tape. If the glass breaks during transit, this will prevent it from damaging your painting. Then use several layers of bubble wrap to protect it and make sure you don’t leave any exposed corners. You can also buy specialized cardboard corner protectors if necessary. Once you place your paintings fill all spaces between the artwork and the box with more paper. Your sculptures and statues should also be wrapped with bubble wrap. Use several layers of bubble wrap and then seal it with tape. After you put the wrapped sculpture in a box or wooden crate, fill the inside space with shredded paper or packing peanuts. This will prevent the sculpture from moving in transit.

Find a reliable moving company to transport your belongings

Hiring experienced apartment movers Denver is a crucial part of your relocation. They will ensure the safe transport of your valuable items. Also, professional movers are well-informed about struggles and challenges you might have, and ways to overcome them. Their advice is invaluable, especially when you are moving pricey possessions such as painting and sculptures. In addition to that, reliable movers can help you find a storage facility where you can store some of your items. If you don’t know where to place some of your belongings, especially bulky and heavy sculptures, you can leave them there. Choose a facility with gates, cameras, and guards, and rest assured your things are safe.

Protect your sculptures and prepare them for a move.
Use bubble wrap and shredded paper to protect your sculptures and avoid any damage

Finding a moving company that meets all your needs and fits your budget requires thorough research. Check specialized moving websites where you can find general information about moving companies, overall marks, ratings, comments, and complaints. Based on this, you will be able to get an idea about the quality of service they offer. This research might take some time but it’s crucial to invest some time and effort if you want to make the right decision. Also, ask your friends, colleagues, and family members for a recommendation. Maybe they know someone who has recently moved. Their suggestions and advice would be valuable because there is nothing better than personal experience. In addition to that, these are people you trust so you know their feedback is honest and objective. Make a list of movers that meet your demands and then compare moving quotes.


Moving is a stressful and tiring process. This is especially true if you are transporting items which are very valuable. Artwork, sculptures, statues, fine china, jewelry are costly and you have to protect them properly. First of all, it’s necessary to plan your relocation carefully so that you would know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. In case you need to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move, make sure to learn packing techniques. You will need to collect quality packing materials in advance. Another option is to hire a reliable moving company to pack and transport your belongings. Accidents can happen even to the most careful people or most experienced moving companies. However, professional movers are well-trained and will make sure your belongings arrive safely to your new home. We wish you a happy and safe relocation.

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