How to protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving?

Moving home is boring, time-consuming, costly, and stressful. And when you must move during winter, it all becomes twice as hard. But do not despair because moving offers a great opportunity, a promising future, and a new chapter in your life as well. So, to endure the hardships ahead, you must organize, pack adequately, and search for the best movers in Denver. We will help with most of the moving stages but we will focus on protecting your most valuable belongings. Today we will explain how to protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving. Let’s relocate safely together!

Protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving with a reliable moving team by your side

Creating a proper moving plan is important. It all begins with a thorough home inspection. You should list down all your belongings and figure out what needs special handling. Create a moving checklist and an inventory list to serve as a guide through the process. And you won’t forget about a thing along the way as well. Hence, inspect everything and note down to be able to calculate your moving costs adequately. More importantly, you’ll know which kind of packing supplies you must purchase and how many. Once you have the work done, start searching for reliable apartment movers CO.

Hiring a specialized team is the best way to protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving
Hire a moving team specialized in artwork moving. They have the knowledge and the tools to do it right.

Browse for movers online. It is the best way to find them because the choice is vast and colorful. Simply check as many companies you like and be sure to compare prices and service. Also, read moving reviews to realize how your movers treat customers and what is their approach to special request. You do have one on your hands so you will need a proper moving team specialized in moving artwork. Protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving by enlisting an experienced and knowledgeable moving team. And one more thing, don’t forget to confirm the legitimacy of your moving partner. Ensure they are licensed and they possess all the equipment to execute the task ahead.

Secure your home

Now, you must know that half of the work here is in the safety of the moving environment. Therefore, while inspecting your home, you should pay close attention to your doors, walls, floors, and especially staircases. Ensure there is nothing that can damage your belonging along the way. A good practice is to keep the hallways and the path between your home and the moving truck clean and clutter-free. Your movers should be able to move unobstructed, without anything that can cause a moving mishap or distract them along the way.

A set of wooden stairs
Inspect your home, especially the staircase. Ensure you can move unobstructed.

And because you are moving in bad weather, there will be a lot of ice, snow, and rain involved. A good solution is to pave the way with the cardboard. It will soak all the water nicely and there will be no slippery situations. Once it gets soggy and wet, replace it with another batch and your problem is solved.

The battle against bad weather

Ok, now we will go through the arsenal you’ll use against the bad weather. As you already know, there are various factors involved in a moving mishap. The goal here is to protect your expensive artwork from snow when relocating. And to do it right, we must consider the following:

  • SnowA simple shovel will do the trick. Ensure you have it accessible so you can quickly remove the snow from the curb.
  • Ice – Prepare a few bags of ice-melting salt. Cover the whole area in front of your home and it will melt all the ice nicely and keep it ice-free for hours.
  • Winter clothing – Proper clothing is required for many reasons. Of course, aside from the obvious one where you can catch a cold if moving without proper clothes. For example, you must have a pair of gloves but you want a pair of leather ones to secure a firm grip. You do not want any of your artwork slipping through the fingers because you are using woolen gloves for this situation.
  • Overall protection – Everyone involved should be dressed for the occasion. As we mentioned, proper gloves, boots, and tools to support your moving project. Furthermore, if you are not participating but only supervising, you can at least hold an umbrella for your movers. At least when they are loading the moving truck with your artwork. It will help a lot.

Pack the right way and protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving

Your packing won’t be much different than any other time you moved. You still need cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. But because you are moving in bad weather, we will add a few steps as well. For example, you will wrap your artwork in a blister pack but water can still find its way in. This means an additional layer of protection is required. Just use a tarp or a sheet to cover each piece and it will do the trick. For your moving boxes, you can use plastic bins instead, at least for ones that hold your precious artwork.

Three people standing inside a warehouse
Use wooden pallets to lift your boxes off the ground. It will protect your cargo against the snow.

And the labeling system must be a bit better as well. If you simply place a label and it gets wet it will be pointless. So, you can either place a few layers of packing tape over the label or use a color-coding labeling system. Simply appoint color to the box with fragile objects and artwork and inform your movers about it. One more thing, you can use wooden pallets if you have any. A few of those will fit nicely into the moving truck and you can place all your items on top of it. This way you’ll keep your cargo above the ground and free of any snow or water.

Think about insurance as well

You can enlist a specialized moving team that will take the responsibility for the artwork they are handling. This way you won’t have to think about it and let them do their job. They will bring the materials required and protect your stuff. Although, as you know, there is always a chance for a moving mishap. Therefore, think about purchasing moving insurance. You never know what can happen along the way. So, you should communicate this part with your moving representative and figure out what kind of insurance they offer. If you want full coverage, especially for extremely expensive pieces, purchase an insurance package from an insurance company.

And now you know the easiest ways to protect your expensive artwork from snow when moving. As you can see, you can cover each step yourself with a bit of help from a reliable moving company. But if you have irreplaceable items in your possession, we strongly advise enlisting a proper team for it. Do it right and keep your items intact. And one more thing, do not forget to check your stuff after movers leave. In case of any damages, you must act quickly and make claims against movers, or request to be reimbursed. Hopefully, you’ll have a safe relocation and you won’t have to think about it.

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