How to protect your home during a relocation

There you are, going around your business, planning the move, and thinking about what awaits you. You have your to-do list and one by one, you are checking the items on the list. Calling one of the long distance moving companies Denver has – check. Making an inventory of the stuff you own – check. Arranging for the utilities at your new home to be turned on, on a certain date – check. The list goes on and on. There is a great chance that there is no item called ‘protect your home during a relocation’ on this list. Many people tend to forget about security measures when they are planning the move. It somehow slips their mind with all the other things that are going on. That is why we are here to provide advice and guidance for these stressful times.

Protect your home during a relocation by locking all the doors and windows

Locking everything behind you should go without saying. When moving long-distance it means you are not coming back and the house you are leaving might have its new owner soon. Sometimes, your move is to the local neighborhood, or town nearby, so the move will happen in several phases. In both cases, it is important to check all the locks you have on the gate, doors, garage. Windows should be sealed shut as well. No matter if you are leaving for good or only for a few days before you get back with small movers CO to get the rest of your things, you need to be careful. Thieves or local delinquents can barge into your home if they find anything open or unlocked. They can cause damage to your remaining things or bare walls in case you already took everything with you.

A padlock on the door to protect your home during a relocation
It is important to lock all the doors to prevent someone from breaking in

Do not leave spare keys where someone can find them

A lot of people have some places where they keep a spare key for emergency situations. In this instance, no need to leave the spare key under a rock or ceramic flowerpot. If there is a need to have the spare key somewhere, leave it with your family member or first door neighbor. If there is ever an emergency, your next-door neighbors can react on time and use the key if needed.

Take the valuable items with you

If you want to protect your home during a relocation, you need to think about all the valuable things you own that someone can take advantage of. In case you are not moving too far away and are packing and moving in phases, make sure to pack the valuables first. Jewelry is easy to move as it does not require too much space, just a proper box. But it is different when it comes to antique furniture pieces or even some art sculptures or paintings. In order to pack artwork for moving, you need to consult with professionals. If you cannot move the large valuable pieces immediately, you must find a storage space for them.

A woman going through her jewelry
Take the jewelry with you immediately if you plan on moving in phases

 Security cameras – a way to protect your home during the move

Having security cameras is a must these days. We should expect you to already have them and not necessarily install them a few days before you leave your home. What is important is to leave the security system on, until you are completely out of the house. And if it does not cost you extra, keep it until new owners of the house come. They will surely be grateful for this and you will be able to keep your home from harm during relocation. Even if you decide to disconnect the security system, leave the security system sign to repel the unwanted. If you have insurance on the house, no need to worry too much, but why not do all the precautionary measures if you can.

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