How to recognize and avoid moving scams in Denver

One of the most important things you need to do when planning a move is to hire movers to help you with relocating to Denver, LA, or wherever you may be moving to. They are there to handle the physical part of the move so that you can handle other things. Moving professionals are one of the crucial elements of any successful move, and that is a fact. However, sometimes, someone bumps into a dishonest moving company and things can get really complicated. That is why hiring a moving company is such a tricky thing, as it matters so much, but it also requires you to find a reliable moving company, not just any company. So, that is why we have prepared a list of key ways you can recognize and avoid moving scams in Denver (or any other place). 

Personal recommendations 

Your friends and family can be a great source of help in many ways during a move. They can help with packing, they can help with tips and tricks. They can help in many ways, but they can also be a great source of information about movers also. It is more than likely that some of them have had experience with moving companies Denver offers. Whether those experiences were good or bad, they can all be useful to you. So, you should ask them about what they can say about how to recognize and avoid moving scams in Denver. If they do not have firsthand experience, they are likely to know someone who does.

Online reviews are a great way to recognize and avoid moving scams in Denver
Using the Internet to research movers is a great way to avoid scams

Proper research is a good way to recognize and avoid moving scams in Denver

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to avoid getting scammed by a moving company is to research them before contacting them so that you know you can trust them. It can take some time to find a reliable company such as local movers Denver offers. Before online reviews became such a big thing, you would have had to put in quite some time to find a company with a good reputation. And as having a responsible moving company assisting with the move is a must, you had no choice.

person signing something
Before you sign an agreement with the movers, make sure you have faith in them


However, today it is quite easy to just google your residential movers CO and check their online reviews. It is important to bear in mind that the more reviews there are, the more realistic the average rating is. A 4.3 rating from 100 reviews is generally more reliable than a 4.7 from 9 reviews.

Check them on FMCSA

Another great way to check if the movers are legit is to check if they are licensed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. If they have their licenses, a good balance of reviews and ratings, then those movers are a good choice. So, do your homework, and you won’t have to worry about anything. 

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