How to recognize fake online moving reviews

Everyone knows that the experiences of previous clients are important factors in making a decision for your future moving company. It is only natural. Moving companies have to deal with quite complicated if quite a regular, process of relocation. No matter if it is a local move or an international one. A small crew or a big logistical undertaking. Moving is difficult and the only way to make sure that people that will be handling it are professionals with experience is to read them, well, experiences of their previous customers. But, what if what we are reading are not actually experiences at all. What if they are phony. What if they are fake online moving reviews.

Well, in that faces, you better know how to detect them, right? Therefore, we present to you this guide on how to fake online moving reviews.

Why are reviews so important

But before we move on, we have to consider the origin of this phenomenon. The question that has to be asked is, why? Why are reviews even important enough in the first place to be falsified? Well, there are few characteristics of online reviews that certainly make them quite a target for fraudulent activities.

  • They confirm the experience. The main point of a review is that heir number will indicate the rough experience of the moving company you are entrusting your business too. If a particularly bad company has two years of experience but only three, not so good reviews, it is likely to post fake online moving reviews in order to make it seem that their business is experienced and growing.
  • Reviews describe the service. Furthermore, genuine reviews describe the service that is provided. Smarter tricksters will make sure that their service will be described as the most perfect one imaginable.
  • They are easily checkable. Reviews are simply quite accessible, therefore making them something almost any future customer (bad companies want to take advantage of) will be on such platforms as Google, Facebook or Yelp.

Because of all this, fake online moving reviews can make a huge impact for a dishonest, unprofessional company that intends to either heavily mislead or, even worse, scam their customers.  It is for this reason that one has to make sure that it can detect fake online moving reviews with accuracy, avoiding this kind of absolutely irreparable behavior.

Fake online moving reviews – step by step

So, we got to this. Let’s say you are searching for your local movers CO… what do you do? How do you make sure that the review you are reading is genuine past customers of this particular moving company, rather than someone posing as such?

Fake online moving reviews - step by step
How to recognize the real reviews?

Well, there are multiple ways to find out if someone is posting an actual review. Now, this is not a 100% tool. Sophisticated fake online moving reviews might, in rare cases, exhibit none of the listed characteristics, while at the same time some real yet too simple reviews might do… However, it is a good way to distinguish and quickly rule out the most obvious of fake online moving reviews.

Just… perfect – too perfect

If, for example, a long distance moving companies CO did a good job, you will see a positive review. Nothing strange there. But, if the job was described in the way that makes it seem that a moving company did this incredible work in a rather unbelievable way, that should set off alarm bells.

For example, a five-star review that explains how movers got on time, were professional and courteous, kept the customer informed and delivered and unpacked the items without any damage, is a pretty believable review. However, if the review describes how movers were just marvelously, how they stayed longer to take care of the customer’s dog while also helping install the plasma tv for the neighbors while also doing the laundry… yea, someone is overselling.

Or awful, as in too awful

Look, sometimes, the customers is not happy. That is fine. That is to be expected. Not every mover is a good one, and not every move goes without a hitch. However, sometimes, the description behind that one-star review just doesn’t seem to match what could really go wrong in a relocation.

Or awful, as in too awful
A vague one-star review?

If the crew of an otherwise well-respected company is slandered by describing them as exceptionally rude. If the company is said to be liars and cheaters and scammers while there are dozens or hundreds of normal 4-5 star reviews, then something is fishy. See if the company responded. If yes, it could get you privy to the truth.

To vague

What if the packing services CO got a single star but no description in the sea of otherwise positive reviews? Or what if the opposite has occurred, having a positive review without any detail. Don’t be tricked. The description matters. Yes, it might be the case of a lazy, yet very real, reviewer. However, you cannot prove it. And until proven otherwise, the simplest solution is the one you should hold to be true: it is on of fake online moving reviews.

Or way to into detail

But what of the other way around? What if small movers CO are described in big detail, but also unnecessary detail. Too much stuff written in is just trying to make you think it has substance. Beware of such fake online moving reviews.

Plain weird

Finally, what about reviews that just look – off. You can’t really pinpoint what. Maybe a weird expression or English that is not quite right.

Plain weird
Too robotic?

Maybe it has uncharacteristic spelling mistakes. It could be the case of paid or a bot fake online moving reviews. These are proof of a scam company!

In essence

In essence, so successfully locate fake online moving reviews all you need is little time and experience with actual online moving reviews. Use these steps we presented as a general rule book. However, as you develop the feeling for it, you will no doubt be doing that without consciously thinking about it. In other words, you will be detecting fake online moving reviews with ease.

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