How to redecorate using what you have

The best part of moving is the change it brings along or just anticipation of the change that is to come. A new address, a new space, a new page in life, a lot is waiting to be done. But it is also a highly hectic time and it won’t relieve its positive aspects at the first glace. The whole picture becomes more blurred when you think of money, moving is a big job that can get expensive, once at your new home, you immediately want to decorate and make it look stylish, comfortable, and cozy. But your budget is tight for the moment due to all circumstances. What to do? How to redecorate using what you have? Here are some ideas.

Do it right away

You do not want to end up with a pile of unpacked boxes months after you have moved in and no home improvement projects done. Hire full service moving companies in Denver to do the heavy lifting and devote yourself to redecorating. Do it still the iron is hot or it may be forgotten when the daily routine starts to strike.  Home decorating has to happen right away. The best option is to do massive and messy projects such as painting and flooring before you move in. In case you can’t do them in advance, make them the first thing to do when you move in.

If you are rethinking colors, using one color on your walls indeed makes rooms feel bigger. But what do you think of an accent wall? Accent walls create an optical illusion, drawing the eye to a single focal point.  Think of a museum, everything is orderly there, your eye is on the painting exactly where it should be.   One single bold wall can do wonders for a room.

Redecorate using what you have – Furniture

It is gratifying to make something look and feel brand new without actually spending any money. Don’t buy new furniture paint or refinish it. After the professional help of cross country movers in Denver, it’s DIY time. If you like the shape of your old furniture refresh it with a designer or ordinary latex paints. Also, you can add some stencils. Move your furniture around, swap. What used to be in one room move it to another for a fresh look and feel of the space.

Redecorate using what you have
Redecorate by yourself, choose two colors, and accentuate one wall


You will be surprised how much forgotten décor you already have. It’s possible to go shopping and not spend a dime. Go shopping at your house. You will rediscover beaufitul pieces. Long forgotten vases, pieces that your grandma gave you, center candlestick holders, and many more. What are the things that you can move from room to room:

  • rugs
  • lamps
  • artwork
  • decor accents
  • coffee tables
  • side tables
  • accent armchairs

Mix and match from different rooms to create a completely new interior to your liking. And if you haven’t purged before the Longmont movers relocated you, now it’s the right time to purge all the things that don’t ‘’spark joy’’.

Change drawer knobs and handles

A quick, cheap, and effective change of hardware comes with changing the knobs, pulls, and handles.   This simple redecoration can seriously transform dressers and cabinets, giving them a completely amazing look! New hardware will make inexpensive pieces look elegant, and modernize vintage pieces.

If you have some basic DIY skills and you are looking to refinish your kitchen without spending a lot of money, order unfinished solid wood cabinet doors, drawer fronts, cabinet boxes, and replacement drawers and fully redo your kitchen.


Lighting can completely transform a space — it can break it or and make it. Not to mention that it also affects your emotions and mood. Include at least three sources of light in each room: general lighting (overhead), specific lighting (table), and ambient lighting (sconces, candles, or decorative). Going from a lamp to a wall sconce puts a powerful statement. Not satisfied? Just try changing up the lampshade! It does not have to cost a lot to maximize the lighting in your home. What is more, look closer you might find in the boxes when you go shopping your own home again.

freshly redecorated bedroom
Use what you already have – lighting is the key to the atmosphere


Pillows are a powerful decorating accessory. Accordingly, they can change the look of the whole room in seconds and provide extra comfort. Opt for larger well-stuffed throw pillows. Decorative pillows are inexpensive and the choice is unlimited. You can make a room feel light, bright, and cooling in summer. And then during winter, by changing the pillows, you can make the room feel cozy and warm. Don’t hesitate to experiment, the effects are instantly visible.

Reupholstering your furniture costs money. Instead, you can use textiles to give your sofas, chairs, and beds a new look. Make a headboard over the bed to freshen it up. Throw blankets can add style and a softer touch to any furnishing. Dress up upholstered chairs by adding a colorful scarf on top. This adds color to a room and you can change it easily. Hang the curtains higher and move the curtain rod closer to the ceiling to heighten the room. And choose fantastic fabric, texture, and color to accentuate your favorite armchair. This will also help your kids settle into your new home more quickly.

sofa in the living room
Redecorate using what you have – add throw pillows for both accent and comfort

You may have not believed us at the beginning of this article, but we believe that we have managed to illustrate to you how to redecorate using what you have and still have a beautifully decorated home. Yes, that is right! Even if you are on a tight budget! Honestly speaking, dollars spent lavishly don’t make a home. The home is about the love, care, detail, devotion, and attention that someone has put into making it their own. Even if you don’t plan to spend a lot on the latest decor trends, there are creative ways to decorate your home cozily. It’s never too late to indulge your passion and creativity.

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