How to sell your Boulder home in a hurry

Selling your home in a hurry will feel anything but right, but, sometimes, that’s life. Hectic, unplanned, and stressful. If you live in a rented apartment, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of things, but as an owned home comes with many benefits, it also comes with many drawbacks. When you decide to leave it, you will either have to rent it or sell it. Professional full service moving companies Denver can help you move to a new place. But it is up to you to handle the rest. If for any reason, you decide to sell your Boulder home in a hurry, we will show you how to do it properly.

How can you sell your Boulder home fast?

Doing things in a hurry can often lead to mistakes, and selling or buying a home doesn’t leave room for mistakes. It is a big decision and a lot of money is involved. Taking into consideration that the median home value in Boulder is way higher than the national average, this is a really serious concern. Apart from that, there is also a ton of paperwork to handle. You might consider hiring some moving companies in Boulder CO so that you can focus on the really important things. Some of the things you can do to sell your home in a hurry are:

  • Declutter, clean and stage the home
  • Ask for a realistic price for it
Picture of an hourglass
There are lots of things to handle and a limited amount of time

Make your home presentable

Have you ever looked at properties to rent or buy online? Even without thinking, you were likely always drawn to good-looking places. The same goes for everyone looking for a home. Since you are in a hurry, you will want your property to be part of the pretty home list. The mandatory thing to do is a deep clean of everything. Then, after some Denver small movers have finished packing, you will still be left with some things. It might be useful items or simple clutter. A rule of thumb is to get rid of everything that is ruining the aesthetic of a place. You can even go a step further and buy new furniture and decor to make the place even more attractive.

Put a price tag with a realistic price on it

No matter how beautiful and functional your home is, you need to be realistic. Even though the prices for homes in Boulder are sky-high, you need to stay within the acceptable range A price that is a little lower than the average will attract customers without raising suspicion. No one is going to buy a house that is too expensive for what it offers, no matter how beautiful it is. Since you need to hurry with the transaction, you might also want to lower the price below the average. It might seem like a loss, but if it is swiftness that you are looking for, this is a foolproof method that will allow you to sell your home fast. Then, it is just a matter of calling packing services Denver CO and relocating to a new home.

Picture of a price tag
Even if you need to sell your Boulder home in a hurry, you need to stay realistic

So, what are the home prices in Boulder right now?

The latest data from 2022, shows that the median listing home price in Boulder was $770,000. this is an increase of nearly 15% compared to 2021. The median home price per square foot was around $355. Generally, the median home sold price was around $835,000.

Final thoughts on how to sell your Boulder home in a hurry

When you want to sell your Boulder home in a hurry, you need to pay attention to the details.  Stage your home properly and ask your realtor for advice. Just be sure that you hire a realtor that specializes in the real estate market in the city of Boulder. Local realtors will be able to tell you how to sell your home fast.

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