How to spot fake reviews when hiring

What would be the first thing you do if you want to book a nice hotel, or visit a restaurant. In this day and age, thanks to modern technology, the first answer is checking online reviews. Given that fact, it comes as no surprise that we so heavily rely on online advice and ratings when deciding. Just like all other information we find online, reviews can be helpful with just about anything. Let’s say, for example, that you are looking for full service moving companies Denver. You’ve located a nice-looking neighborhood and found the house you like. Now you want to browse the internet for advice. But, keep in mind that not all reviews are what they seem. Some reviews are purposely written in order to trick people into hiring certain movers that aren’t reliable. This is why you need to spot fake reviews when hiring movers in advance.

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Dishonest movers often hire strangers to write fake reviews

You can spot fake reviews when hiring movers by recognizing their purpose

You need to understand why fake reviews exist, simply because there are so many of them. The most common reason would be an intense rivalry in the moving business market. Certain companies do whatever they must, in order to stay at the top and bring in as many customers as possible. Another common reason is, unfortunately, profit. Many movers completely disregard ethics and customer satisfaction in favor of profiting as much as possible. Dishonest movers hire strangers to boost their ratings while down talking their rivals. The main strategy is hiding their own fault by boasting their low rates, or by proclaiming how bad their competitors are. Neither of these tactics is good for the overall market. The best way to spot fake reviews when hiring movers is through thorough research.

If a review is too good to be true, it is probably dishonest

You will often see reviews that follow a similar, overenthusiastic pattern. If a user is stating that his movers are the best, and the cheapest, and the friendliest, and safest, approach with caution. It is a very common occurrence, and in most cases, they are fake. You have to be very cautious in your search for Thornton CO movers. It doesn’t take an expert to realize that if you’re exhausted and in the middle of the chaos of relocation, there is little room for enthusiasm. In addition, if the moving company is substantially cheaper than any other, that too is probably a scam waiting to happen. If a review is overly praising a company for their cheap services, in most cases, it can be safely crossed off as a fake.

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People hired to write these reviews often have little experience with the moving industry

Equally, overly negative reviews could be fake as well

Similar to reviews that are too positive for their own good, reviews that are overly negative are equally common, and suspicious. Simply put, reviews that are overly negative and berating usually aren’t truthful. If someone indeed had an unpleasant experience with a mover, they would take time to explain their situation in detail. Sometimes it isn’t that simple to spot fraudulent reviews when hiring movers. What you can do, however, is imagine how you would react if you had a bad moving experience. If a customer explains what they expected from a service, compared to what they got, then a bad review would make sense. After all, you can’t define a company by how many bad reviews they have. But by how they work toward rectifying them and learning from them.

Too official or personal reviews should be also be avoided

If you pay close attention when you read, you can save yourself a lot of money by avoiding a scam. You can discover a lot about a review solely based on the writing style. Even though there are different kinds of people and different writing styles, some often go overboard. If the review you’re going through sounds too official and formal, something’s not right. A regular reviewer would use casual, simpler language when writing their comment. They’d describe the service they received, and give a simple review of the packing services and loading the truck. Some posts may be more eloquent to an extent but still, use a common vocabulary regardless. Academic and formal language can have a tendency to make a review sound fake, and thus raise red flags when reading.

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Always be diligent and carefully inspect each moving review

A genuine review will focus on the relocation itself rather than tiny specific details. Were the movers equipped and prepared for the job? Was the received service up to standard? It isn’t likely, tho it is possible, that you will remember specific names when leaving your review. The main focus will instead be on provided services and the way you and your items were treated. For example, if you come across a review on the Better Business Bureau which constantly repeats the names of the movers, is cautious. Reviews such as this one tend to divert attention from the actual moving services by bringing individuals into the spotlight. In addition, posts like these may imply that the writer personally knows the crew members, which further solidifies the fake review theory.

A few additional tips to spot fake reviews when hiring movers

  • Always compare movers based on both the reviews and the ratings. These two should always go hand in hand. If you see a criticizing review with a 5-star rating, something isn’t right. This could happen because, sometimes, movers offer very low rates to their customers in exchange for a 5-star review.
  • Putting irrelevant information into focus. As we said before, if a review is too specific, avoid it. The same goes for a review which talks about everything else but the important things. If you see a user reporting on the exact time of the crew’s arrival or the type of shoes they were wearing, it is more than likely false and dishonest.
  • Too much repetition. If a review repeats itself too much, it just doesn’t seem natural. It really is important to carefully read if you want to spot fake reviews when hiring movers. If you see certain keywords repeating themselves often, it is probably an attempt of writing an ad, instead of a helpful review.

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