How to Take Care of Your Pets During a Move

Moving day can be stressful on your cats, dogs, and other pets. What should you do when moving day comes to take care of your beloved critter? Here’s some tips to help you plan a stress free move for your pets!

  1. Take Your Pet to a Daycare: It could be worth the extra money to find a place to take your pet for the day that’s nearby where you are moving to. This way you know they are safe and won’t be affected by the chaos of seeing everything moved out of the house. Plus they may even get worn out play with other pets while they’re there!
  2. Hire a Walker or Pet Sitter: Another alternative option to a pet care center would be to hire someone to come watch them in part of your house, or take them on a long walk. If it’s a dog, some businesses even offer day adventures for your furry friend. They’ll pick them up and bring them back to you happy and well cared for!
  3. Move Your Pet First: If you have a pet that’s more adaptable, you could consider moving them to your new home first so they can get settle in and adjusted until you show up. We wouldn’t recommend this if your pet has anxiety issues and certainly don’t leave them alone longer than their normal routine.
  4. Drop Your Pet Off at a Fellow Pet Friends House: Does your pet have a playmate? If so, consider arranging a playdate at their friend’s house for the day! This way your pet can have a carefree fun day while you handle the move. There’s also a good chance that their energy will be low after playing which could help them settle in nicely.

You may want to talk to a local pet coach or pet store for additional advice pertaining specifically to your pet and their personality/behaviors. It’s ideal if you can take your pet ahead of time to their new home and introduce them before making the move. Try and take things slowly in order to let them get adjusted easily. Positive reinforcement like a toy, treats, or special meal once they are in their new home could also help!

If you have any questions about planning a move for you and your family, please feel free to contact us at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company of Colorado 303-587-6200.

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