How to Talk to Your Parents About Moving into a Retirement Community

Having a conversation with a loved one surrounding them transitioning out of their home and into a retirement community is difficult. It can be challenging to know what to say or how to find a place for them to live that fits their needs and lifestyle. It can also be overwhelming trying to find the right place for them that’s affordable. We’ve come up with some recommendations for both initiating this conversation and how to find a good retirement home for your loved one.

  1. Ask questions and listen: This is a sensitive topic, your parents may be getting older and signs of their home being in disarray can offer signs that they’re having a hard time keeping up with their home. Try asking them how they’re feeling about their about keeping up with the home. See if it brings up angst or stress. Ask them if they’ve thought about simplifying their life and home. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to help,
  2. Independence is important: For many seniors even if they’re aging and in need of some assistance their independence is still very valuable to them. Be sure you aren’t making them feel threatened with how you are talking and researching finding them a retirement solution. Find out what is important to them; do they want activities and friends, or quiet and a place with a view? There are a ton of details and things to keep in mind while looking into this transition. We recommend you let your loved one lead the conversation and help support them by taking the time and effort to do research and due diligence on what they are wanting.
  3. Ask around: If you are trying to find a new place for mom or dad to live the best place to start is by asking around. Perhaps you have some friends your own age that recently went through the same thing. They could probably offer a lot of perspective and recommendations based on their own experiences. Use online forums and social media to ask and see if anyone has recommendations on places that are within your budget.
  4. Take your time: This process can take a lot of time to do it delicately and right, so don’t rush. Do your research, talk to people, tour buildings, research online and ask lots and lots of questions. Make sure all the while you are keeping in mind the desires of your loved one. It never hurts to think ahead and be planning if this is a situation that you could find your family and loved one in in the near future.

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