In which order to unpack your boxes

Your move is finally over. However, it’s no time to relax. It’s time to handle the moving boxes and unpack your stuff. However, you might ask yourself a fair question. In which order to unpack your boxes and how to do it? There are many moving companies in Denver area and they definitely can help you out. However, if you need to do it yourself you need to have a plan. Here is the order we would suggest to you when it comes to unpacking.

In which order to unpack your boxes? Necessary items come first

When you face the hill of moving boxes in your new home you need to know where your most important things are. Besides labeling your boxes the other best thing you can do is to pack a box with only the most necessary items. That’s why it’s not a good idea to call our packing services Denver CO to help you out. Having professionals helping you to pack boxes can actually make it so much easier for you to later unpack the moving boxes.

Moving boxes
In which order to unpack your boxes in your new home?

Start unpacking room by room

Every job gets easier if you divide it into smaller parts. The same goes for unpacking your belongings. If you go room by room it will at least seem easier for you. Above all, it’s about the mental breakdown of the workload. Even our movers Aurora CO like to have their job easier and in many smaller increments than to have one big thing to move around. You can either opt to unpack from the smallest to biggest room or start with the one you’ll need the most.

In which order to unpack? Start with the kitchen

What can be a better start to your unpacking than to do it in the kitchen? It’s a room that you absolutely need and where you prepare food and eat. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start unpacking your kitchen utensils, dishes, microwave, and other things as you’ll need to cook and eat. Of course, check if our residential movers CO have unloaded everything and make sure everything is safe and undamaged.


The next important room is the bathroom. The place where you clean yourself and take care of your hygiene. And after a long and stressful move, what better place to unpack and make functional again. However, you want to be careful, even if you don’t have the most luxurious bathroom you still need to have everything in its place. Don’t damage anything in your unpacking process and you’ll be good to go.

A bathroom
Make sure that the bathroom is among the first rooms you unpack


Another important room that you want to have available as soon as possible is the bedroom. That’s the place where you want to relax and sleep after a big move. For that reason, make sure to reassemble the bed and every other piece of furniture that makes you feel great in your bedroom. You deserve a good rest after your move and for that reason make sure to unpack your bedroom as soon as you can.

Moving to a new place is very exciting. There’s something great about being in a fresh and new place be it near or far from your old home. However, your move is not over until the last moving box is out of the way. There are many people who leave their moving boxes for months unopened. Follow our tips in order to unpack your boxes and we’re sure you’ll knock them all out in a couple of days.

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