Insightful tips for moving from Englewood to Denver

In case you have a few moves behind you, you will feel like you know it all. All the tasks of moving, you have already been through, so what is there more to learn? Moving is one of the most stressful events in life, so you can never prepare enough for it. Something unexpected can always happen, and catch you off guard. If you were to take the advice from some moving companies Denver CO, you should always try to stay one step ahead of possible moving challenges. The only way to do this is by always upgrading your knowledge about relocation, more precisely, about the place that you are about to call your new home. Moving from Englewood to Denver might seem straightforward, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The most important question when moving from Englewood to Denver is your housing situation

Since you have been living in this place for some time, there isn’t much to say here that you already don’t know. Relocating from Englewood to Denver will be a move within the borders of the same city, but relocation is still a big change. Some moving companies Englewood CO know their way around these parts of Denver, so they will be your best bet for getting where you need to go. But moving downtown means moving to a more expensive part of the city, especially when it comes to housing costs. It is 38% above the national average, so you can expect to pay around $430,000 for a home, or $1,400 a month for rent. Both are higher than the average, so 50% of the population owns their home, while the other 50% rents it.

Picture of a suburban home you can expect to see when moving from Englewood to Denver
There are some busy streets even in Englewood

What should you expect when relocating from Englewood to Denver?

Since Englewood is a suburb of Denver, you won’t experience much change during this move. Between these two parts of the city, there are just 10 miles, but it can get quite bad due to traffic. Booking some local movers Denver early in the morning will be a good idea. The fact that the public transportation system is not well developed only makes this worse. Moving to Denver means entering the downtown city, where there are more things to do, and a bigger crowd. Some of the changes that you will notice are:

  • More job opportunities
  • Higher cost of living
  • Shorter commute

More job opportunities

Living in Denver gives its residents plenty of opportunities to find a job. Some of the major industries are aerospace, healthcare, and bioscience. If you work in some of these, you are guaranteed to find a job. Even if you won’t change jobs after moving with some Denver small movers, you will likely be closer to the place where you work. The majority of businesses are in the center of the city, which in this case is the place where you want to move to. As a resident and employed person in Denver, you can expect to earn around $73,000, which is the median household income in this city in Colorado. But even though it might look like much, it is just enough to live comfortably during these expensive times.

Higher costs of living

When there are many job opportunities in a city, this is usually followed by population growth over time. Sadly, that also impacts the costs of living, which only become higher. It was even further changed by the recent price surges, so the prices of almost everything will be a shock. The cost for essentials like utilities, groceries, and transportation is a bit less extreme than the housing costs, but still 14% higher than the average in the USA. If you have recently noticed that your budget has become tight, moving to Denver might not be the brightest idea.

Picture of a heart gesture made with two hands
When moving from Englewood to Denver, you can expect to meet a lot of interesting people

You can also expect a shorter commute time

When relocating from Englewood to Denver, you will mostly notice a shorter commute time, apart from the higher costs of everything. The average commute time in Denver is 25 minutes. But it will diminish if you live closer to work after moving. So you will at least spend less on gas, which can be seen as a silver living. But keep in mind that the average American still spends around $200 a month on gas, which isn’t a small amount of money.

Get ready for the move – call reliable movers

Moving from Englewood to Denver, even though it you are moving no more than 10 miles, can be tricky. You will still need to pack your items, move them and unpack after the move. All these things need your attention and time, so start planning as soon as possible.

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