Interesting ways to spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins

Moving can be a difficult time for everyone concerned. At the very least, your life will seem uprooted for a period while you adjust to a new house, neighborhood, and routine. Therefore, it can be a good idea to take a break before diving into unpacking and settling in. Spend some time doing something absolutely unrelated to the relocation as a family. It may seem like fun family activity ideas are the last thing on your mind after relocating, but believe us—the memories you create together will be well worth the effort. So here are ways to spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins. But before that, be sure to call Denver professional movers for help while moving. We can handle the move so you can enjoy your time.

Check out all the local events

In what town are there any upcoming events? Communities all around the country host a wide range of events such as fairs, concerts, and other social gatherings. To get a sense of what’s going on in your new city, look them up online or on a community bulletin board. In addition to entertaining the entire family, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new individuals as well.

party that will help you spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins
There are a lot of events to help you spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins

Bicycling culture

A bike ride around Fort Collins may be the best way to see it. Cache La Poudre River and Spring Creek Trails. The city’s terrain is rather flat, and there are many places to ride a bike or hike in the area. Biking is a great way to get around because it’s enjoyable, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Only five communities in the United States have been designated as platinum bike-friendly communities, thanks in part to the 285-plus miles of trails and bike lanes in Fort Collins and the surrounding mountain ranges. It’s safe to say that if you choose to bike through Old Town or to one of the area’s more than two dozen breweries, you will see far more bicycles than cars. If you need help transporting your bikes, then Fort Collins movers can help with that.

A staycation can always be fun

After the commotion of moving, you could all use a vacation. If you’ve recently relocated, now is the perfect time to relax, explore, and enjoy yourself, that is one way to spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins, with the help of moving services Denver. Stay in a small hotel or a beautiful Air BnB near your local shopping district for a few days to recharge. While it’s not a perfect solution, even a simple tent in the backyard can be a great way to enjoy each other’s company before returning to your regular schedule.

skyline of fort collins
There are a lot of views you can experience

Outdoor activities

The city of Fort Collins scores well on lists of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many trails, lakes, and streams in the foothills and mountains surrounding Fort Collins that it’s almost impossible to explore them all in a few days or weeks. As far as recreation goes, Fort Collins has it all. There’s hiking and horseback riding and canoeing and camping as well as a wide range of other activities. As a mountain town in the heart of Colorado, Fort Collins offers the best of both worlds. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of all of the aforementioned activities, as well as explore the area’s many open spaces, while on your Fort Collins vacation. You may have a blast exploring the great outdoors in and around the city.

Explore the town’s culture

You can spend valuable time with your family visiting museums, theaters, galleries, and performances. Art has a way of recharging your batteries when you’ve had a rough time. Furthermore, learning about your town’s history and culture is a terrific way to get involved and begin to appreciate its unique features. Long distance movers Colorado can help with the move, so you will have enough time to do whatever you like.

Explore what each family member likes

What do you and your loved ones enjoy doing together? Go to a drive-in movie theater in your new town instead of the one you used to go to with your friends and family. You can also pick one activity that each member of your household enjoys and begin looking into local options. Make a list of all the Italian restaurants in your area and visit them all. Call packing services Denver CO, so you can have time to explore what everybody likes instead of packing.

Marvel at the scenery of the Cache la Poudre River

One of Fort Collins’ most popular attractions is the Cache la Poudre River, which is also Colorado’s only “Wild & Scenic” river. In addition to being a designated Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway, Colorado Highway 14 travels right next to the river. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with rafting (class III-IV), hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, and fishing all available along the Poudre River. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling are common winter activities in the Poudre. You may be puzzled by the river’s name. According to folklore, French-Canadian trappers concealed their gunpowder under the Poudre River in the early 1800s during a heavy snowstorm. The French phrase “where the powder was hidden” translates as “where the powder was hidden.”

gazebo flower
You can visit a lot of beautiful places


Conveniently located in Old Town, The Exchange serves food and beverages from shipping containers. This newest addition to Little Man Ice Cream’s open-air center quarter is Churn. Donuts, beer, spirits, fried chicken loaded waffle cones, Italian flatbread sandwiches, and indoor mini-golf are just some of the offerings at the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and CopperMuse Distillery, which are all located in the heart of downtown. One of the best activities to do is to spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins. Just remember to check on the Better Business Bureau website if you plan to hire help for the move.

Craft beer

The craft beer industry and Fort Collins share a unique bond. Craft beer production in Fort Collins accounts for 70% of the state’s total output. With over 20 craft breweries, the city now has the most microbreweries in the state. This includes New Belgium Brewing, a pioneer in ecologically friendly and sustainable business practices and one of the largest companies in the world. Every month of the year, we recommend taking many brewery excursions where you’ll get to sample many different kinds of award-winning beers. The Colorado Brewer’s Guild can put you in touch with local breweries so you can learn more about their offerings. A fun thing to do if you want to spend the first week after moving to Fort Collins doing fun activities.

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