Is it possible to move in Boulder County with no money?

Every relocation requires you to separate some money aside. But people always find alternative ways of getting to the new location without losing a penny. So if you have been wondering how to move in Boulder County with no money, here is a simple guide that will make it closer to you. Do not underestimate the help and the experience of moving companies Denver CO has. Sometimes, it is better to separate some money and pay professionals to relocate your stuff and belongings than to risk everything being damaged and destroyed. Now, let us see how to make the relocation the cheapest possible.

Is it possible to move in Boulder County with no money?

The answer o this question is simple. There is always something you must pay for. However, there are alternative ways to get ready for the relocation if you have enough time and your organization’s skills are at their highest level. That is why here you will find out how to get to Boulder County with a small amount of money. Or even without money.

packing to move in Boulder County with no money
There are numerous ways to move with no money or at least cheaper than average

But first, let’s find out something about Boulder County

This lovely place is dream come true for people of all ages. From retired people, families, young generations, etc. Boulder County in Colorado is a place where most people move with one of the best long distance movers Colorado has. But that is not the only reason. One of the main reasons to move here is Pearl Street. It represents the soul and the heart of the city of Boulder. You will find locals and visitors shopping and strolling among this street looking for:

  • Historic storefronts
  • Dining
  • Drinking coffee
  • A long peaceful walk

So if you wish of having an afternoon like the ones in the movies, this is the right place for you. A strong job market is another advantage of moving here. The main industries here are aerospace, biotech, IT, manufacturing, renewable energy, and tourism. The unemployment rate in October 2022 was 2.8% and the average household income at the beginning of 2023 was $109,410.

Making a good plan is the key

As you know, you will need some checklist that will help you be organized through this process. With this checklist, you will be sure that there is nothing left behind and that you will have enough time to get everything done until the relocation day. And there are ways to make it cheaper than it can be. And there are some things you do not need to waste your money on.

couple making a moving plan
In this situation planning is crucial

One of the things you do not need to pay for is packing supplies

Using recycled boxes, or the boxes that someone has borrowed you will be one step into cheap and money-free relocation. By using these boxes, you will not have to spend any money on packing supplies. Another way of not giving money to packing materials is to use alternative packing supplies. For example, you can use towels, clothes, pillowcases, sheets, etc to protect your items. Fill in the gaps in boxes with them. Or just warp some fragile item in one of the pieces of clothing. This way there is no need to buy bubble wrap or any other protective packing materials.

If you are not sure when to start packing or how to do it right, you can always ask for a piece of advice from people with the same experience. Or just contact Denver residential movers and get the information you need. You can always look at their blog and see how people managed to go through the relocation with any money spent.

Use items you have around

If you cannot find enough boxes, you can always pack your belongings in suitcases, buckets, or laundry baskets, and not empty your drawers. Keep the items inside. This also has another advantage. And that is that you will have fewer items to unpack once you relocate.

If you are in need to spend some money, earn some by selling your excess stuff

How is this possible? Well, it is simple. All you have to do is organize a yard or garage sale. You will have to get through the decluttering process. And during that process, you will see that there are things that you do not need but that are useful. Those things are born to be sold. Sell the things you are not in need of and use that money to hire some affordable movers Boulder County has and pay them to transport your stuff.

Ask your friends for help when you want to move in Boulder County with no money

If you still cannot hire a moving company or you do not have the funds to do it, you can always count on your friends. Ask them for help. See if any one of them is willing to relocate your stuff in their own vehicle. This way you will have your items transported without paying for gas or something similar. Plus it is the perfect way to organize a road trip and spend a few days or hours together before your final destination.

van on the road
Road trips with friends could be one of the ways to move in Boulder County with no money

A proper plan and a successful yard sale are crucial if you want to move for free

As you can see, it is possible to move in Boulder County with no money. You just have to be clever, and smart and think two steps ahead. If you organize a successful yard sale you can even earn money to pay for professional movers. This can take a lot more time than you imagined but in the end, it is totally worth it.

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