Is it possible to pack a large household in a day?

Once you’ve agreed on a price, the process of moving can take a long time. After months of waiting for a completion date, you usually don’t have much time to plan ahead of time. Having to pack a large household in a day may be a difficult and time-consuming task, and it can sometimes turn out to be more work than you expected. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you have laying around your house? Even a two-bedroom house may have a surprising amount of stuff. People are concerned that they won’t be able to get into their new home when it’s ready to move in. These are some things packers and movers Denver have learned throughout the years, and think might help you.

How to pack the fastest way possible?

Here are some tips to speed up your preparation as much as possible. With these tips, you might as well pack a large household in a day.

professional movers can help you pack a large household in a day
Professional movers can help you pack a large household in a day

Pack every room separately

Before you begin packing, take your time and go through each room one at a time, gathering everything you need from the cabinets, closets, and bookcases. There is no need to carry objects from one location to another, which will save a lot of time and effort. Additionally, it may help alleviate the tension that comes with thinking about all the things you need to accomplish on a given day. Place similar objects in the boxes in each room as you move the packing supplies about. The lighter the object, the smaller the box it needs to be packed. Any fragile items should be bubble wrapped, that’s what long distance movers Colorado recommend. Protect the contents from dust by wrapping the bottom and top of the box in the newspaper.

Label boxes

Regardless of whether you hired a moving company or did the packing yourself, the boxes must be properly labeled. As an option, you can use a marker to write down what’s inside the box, the room it’ll be stored in, and so on. For example, you could use labels to indicate which files you want to open first, what files are important, etc. The box should be labeled on all four sides so that loading and unloading time can be reduced and the contents can be discovered more quickly. A master list of all the boxes and their contents will be available to you when searching for a specific item before unpacking and setting up the entire apartment. This is one of the most important steps. And something that professional packing services Denver CO do as well.

Family packing
Involve the whole family in the process

Purge and donate

Preparation for moving into a new apartment is much easier when a moving checklist is created at least two weeks in advance. Planning ahead of time will also allow you to find and remove trash before the moving day gets underway. Making purge and donation piles while packing is a great way to declutter your home even if you don’t have the time. Pack only what you think you’ll need when you get to your new residence.  So for example, if you are moving to or from Boulder, you’ll finish much faster with the help of movers Boulder County. When in doubt, toss it in the trash or give it away. Allow yourself to let rid of anything you haven’t used in more than two seasons, or that has been broken for months despite your best intentions to fix it.

Organizing is key

Before you start bursting bubble wrap and pulling off the tape, we recommend organizing everything you need to pack a large household in a day, especially your garage. Papers, pen caps, and lone socks all require somewhere to call home. Decide where you want the item to go before creating a pile. How long do you plan on storing it? Is it going to the landfill? Is it better to give it away or keep it for one’s own use? Put it where it belongs. In the event that you can’t decide what to do with a certain item, create a “Maybe” pile. You’ll be able to keep going while saving yourself a ton of time packing. You can see how much you have when you have well-defined heaps.

Ask for help

We recommend enlisting the help of family, friends, or professional packers to assist you with your last-minute packing needs. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want them to accomplish if you decide to go this path. Make sure everyone is on the same page by consulting your checklist. Ask family members for help with packing or babysitting so you can focus on the moving process instead of worrying about the logistics. Be sure to express your gratitude for their aid as well. Just be sure that if you find professional help, you check on the Better Business Bureau before paying anything.

dog in a box
Pets can get in the way of a speedy packing

Donate everything u don’t need

It’s possible that moving swiftly ends up being a blessing in disguise. Given the time constraints, you will be more decisive about what gets to stay and what gets to leave. When purchasing something, ask yourself, “Am I going to use this again?” If the item is still in good condition, find a place to donate it. Otherwise, throw it away. To avoid the temptation of taking anything back, we recommend that you bag the items you plan to discard as you go. Some moving services Denver CO may even help you with that as well.

Hire professionals

To sum up, there are many ways to move quickly, but if you are short on time, it may be best to hire a professional mover. If you managed to pack a large household in a day and are ready to go, hiring professional movers to help you move will make the process go more smoothly. Their services include giving you a free moving estimate and helping you choose the best way to move for you, so you can focus on getting to know your new home.

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