Is Moving on a Holiday a Good Idea?

Most people tend to get some extra time off around major holidays. So, does that make moving around a holiday a good or a bad idea? We’ve assembled some pros, cons, and tips to help you decide.


As we just mentioned, a positive for moving around a major holiday is that you might have some extra time off. This means more time to prep and get everything done that needs to during your move. This may help you feel less stressed since you’ll have more time, plus help save some of your precious PTO! Another pro is that things in general should be less busy around town including stores and traffic. Depending on the exact day, it could be easier to drive your belongs around town and not have to worry about rush hour in Denver (which is a big bonus!). Parking could also be easier since most commuters will be at home instead of parking around their work buildings. Lastly, you may be able to get others to help you move easier since most people will also be off work. This doesn’t mean you want to ask your friends to help you move at 11AM on July 4th (wink wink), however people’s schedules should be more flexible around a holiday, which hopefully means more help for you!


During the holidays some businesses (including front office staff of apartments, townhomes, condos etc.) will have limited or abbreviated hours. Be sure to plan for your move and communicate clearly in advanced if you’re moving into a new building on a holiday so you don’t find yourself locked out! There could also be limited availability with moving truck and other rental companies. This could leave you strapped for time to return your rental before they close for the holiday and could result in extra fees. If you are in downtown Denver or another downtown area, there could be holiday parking limitations. Be sure to look at the street signage so you don’t end up with a hefty fine, or worse getting towed. Lastly, the fact is that instead of enjoying your time with friends and family doing something fun, you are moving. You could miss out on valuable time with loved ones depending on which holiday it is and your families traditions.


If you do decide to move over a holiday be sure to plan things well in advance. Make sure you have all your supplies and rental reservations made so you don’t get caught in a situation where a business is closed. Make sure you have everything you need to get into your new building or home since most people will be off work and likely unavailable. If you are renting a U-haul or truck, ask ahead of time what the return policy is over a holiday and whether or not you can bring it back the next day without paying extra. And at last make sure to communicate well ahead of time to whomever is helping you move that they realize it’s a holiday and are able to help you.

If you need help or advice on moving you and your belongs across Colorado you can always call us at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company! We’re here to make this process seamless from start to finish. Call us at 303-587-6200 today!

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