Items your movers will not handle for you

When moving you want the best professionals on the job. However, people sometimes forget that even the best moving companies can’t do it all. Not for any type of their inability to do something, but for certain regulations. For that reason, we from the Homegrown Moving and Storage Company have decided to talk with you about items your movers will not handle for you. Here are just some examples of them. Do you think some unexpected items will be found here? Let’s take a look.

Movers won’t transport your pets

One of the first things that our movers will tell you is that they don’t move your pets. We love animals, but a moving truck is no place for them. Even if they are in their cages or containers it really isn’t a good enough place for them. There are many moving companies Westminster CO that will assure you that it’s best to take your pets with you when you’re moving. They will feel much safer and you’ll feel better having them around on the road.

Pets in the lap of their owner
Pets will need to arrive in your new home together with you

Perishable foods are no place for a moving truck

Depending on the moving company your pantry will be off-limits to us. That’s because it can create more problems than you think. Crumbs and leftovers can attract rodents and animals that will enter our moving truck and not only eat your food but also nibble at your furniture and other items. That’s why it’s important to have professional packing services Denver CO to protect everything in the best possible way. For the case that your movers allow it to protect your items as best as you can, if not you’ll have to find alternatives.

Valuables are among items your movers will not handle

Be it that you’re moving down the street or across town you need to take special care of your valuables. That includes antiques and jewelry. It’s not that you can’t for some reason ask your movers to relocate them,but the problem is the estimated price of those valuables. It’s no problem for our residential movers Denver to take it with them, but in case of any mishap, your average insurance wouldn’t cover the losses. For that reason, pack your valuables well and hide them when you’re moving them with you.

A silver colored ring
Among items, your movers will not handle are rings and expensive jewelry

Hazardous items your movers will not handle

It seems logical, but flammable and hazardous objects are not something that should and can be handled by movers. However, the main problem is that many people actually don’t know what items count in those categories. You can check the FMCSA regulations and other rules that determine what’s ok and what not to move with movers. Among them, there are fertilizers, nail polish, and different types of fuel and oil, chemicals, and much more. For that reason, be careful what you pack and want your movers to get in the moving truck.

Moving can be challenging as there are so many different items that you need to pack and move. Your new home is waiting for your pets, plants, and other items to arrive. However, some of them just won’t be able to arrive with the help of movers. For that reason, your best choice would be to ask about how much of a threat your items can be before actually moving them. Some of the items your movers will not handle can be safely transported in your vehicle, however other problems may arise. Have a safe relocation!

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