Luxury living room remodeling ideas

The concept of luxury is different in all of our minds. For some, it means chandeliers and heavy big curtains. For others, luxury means big, open, modern spaces that usually incorporate glass and metal in their look. Luxury living room remodeling ideas do not have to mean spending a lot of money and changing everything in your living room, it can mean slight changes that uplift the look of the entire room. If you are planning to move with Colorado moving company, and this is the next step you want to take, here is some advice on luxury living room remodeling ideas.

Incorporate a luxury wall in your living room

Think about maybe changing the style of one of your walls in your living room. You can add a slab of some interesting-looking rock like quartzite or beautiful bricks to liven up the place. By doing just one of the walls it will not impact your budget significantly, but it will be an interesting accent piece.

Light in the living room
Correct light plays a key role in the atmosphere of the living room.

The light is important

Lighting immensely impacts the atmosphere of a room. Look at designer lamps and chandeliers that will elevate your room and give it that luxury feel. A chandelier does not need to be an outdated option as there is a lot of modern chandeliers that play with form and size to create an artwork. If you have some pieces of special furniture, you will need to highlight those pieces with their lightning.

Metallic pieces

If you are going for a more modern look, think about incorporating metal furniture into your living room. This can be either a coffee table or the legs of your furniture. And it is a guarantee that it will elevate the look of the whole room. Metallic pieces can be best paired with grey and black tones as it makes them pop out the most. This can also be combined with the luxury wall if you choose a metallic accent wall.

The traditional way

Maybe you feel that the modern style is not for you and you want a more traditional approach. Don’t worry, if done right, a traditional way does not have to look kitsch and outdated. Think about putting a mural with a natural theme or some fabrics and textures that evoke a more traditional look and style. It is not all about crystal chandeliers and fluff, if the silhouettes are modern it can still be luxury but not a caricature.

Luxury living room ideas
A more traditional style of a luxury living room does not have to mean outdated.

Add texture

As we have said in the last paragraph, one way to uplift the look of the room to something that evokes luxury is to highlight the texture. Put in an accent wall that is focused on texture, something like a brick. For an added effect, draw focus to the wall with a suiting light.

The color plan is important

When buying furniture and decorations, it is important to think in the long run. Having your living room color-coordinated with a pop of accent color will immediately make it more composed and structured in an interior design way. Either put one big piece of furniture in an accent color that matches the wall. Or some other features of the room or try to buy smaller pieces of furniture that follow the same color palate.


If you are not a person of color, and you find it hard to complement colors without a professional interior designer, monochrome is the way to go. It is up to you and your living room capacities to chose if you are leaning towards white or black and grey scales. Either way, a monochrome room will always look cool, collected, and chich, and it does not presume a lot of effort.

Monochrome living
A more monochrome look will always look cool and effortless.

Couch and sofa are the kings of a luxury living room

If you are remodeling your living room into something more luxurious, put a special effort into choosing the right couch to match your style. The sofa will dominate any living room and it sets the tone for the whole design. If you are moving to a new household that has some give, think about installing a conversation pit in the living room for that extra wow factor. Another important thing you need to think about when remodeling your living room is to place the furniture in a way that encourages social interaction.

Create a focal point

Everybody just assumes that the TV is the focal point of every living room. Why not trying and making it be something else? Instead of the TV, try putting objects that have great importance and memory factor on some beautiful shelves. You can even put lighting in the background to have it really stand out.


Another thing that really adds to the luxury factor of a room is a beautiful, ornate mirror. There is an abundance of different styles that can add just the thing that you need to your living room. A mirror is also a great solution if you have too much wall space and your living room has a lot of height.

Pillars and statues

Play around and look at different statues that will visually elevate your living room. It does not have to be something new. You can adapt decoration from your old place to your new house. Just have everything packed and shipped by packing services CO and see what you can do with what you already have.

Luxury living room remodeling ideas by your taste

The most important tip is not to follow what is currently in trend but what you prefer. No matter if it is a more traditional or a more modern approach, this is a space that you will need to be in every day. So the most important thing is to impress yourself. So, if you are ready for your move and remodeling, contact senior moving services Denver and get a head start at implementing our luxury living room remodeling ideas.

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