Most affordable Colorado cities to move to

Unbeatable mountain views, a booming economy, affordable real estate, are just some of the reasons people are drawn to Colorado. If you are thinking of moving here, and you are looking for affordable Colorado cities, we recommend the ones below. You will see that each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. Colorado offers something for everyone – peaceful family towns, rural areas, flourishing urban cities. Whichever town you choose, make sure to plan your relocation carefully. There are several key steps you should follow to ensure a smooth move.

The first step – find a reliable moving company

Moving is not an easy endeavor. It involves many activities and takes a lot of time. Not only do you have to organize and pack all your belongings but also do thorough research to find the right movers. When choosing a moving company, make sure to check whether it has a license and offers moving insurance. There are many fraudulent movers who offer lower prices to attract customers so beware and do your homework. Well-trained and experienced movers will save you a lot of time and energy. Good and reliable companies such as Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado will handle your items with care and offer valuable advice.

Find a good and reliable moving company
Good movers will facilitate and accelerate your relocation

In case you are wondering how to research a company, we have several options. You can ask your friends or family members whether they can recommend someone. This can save you valuable time – these are people you trust so you know their feedback will be honest. The other option is to browse the Internet. Visit specialized moving websites such as the Better Business Bureau. Here you can find companies’ ratings, overall marks, comments, and complaints. Previously submitted comments will give you a clear idea about the quality of service that a particular company offers.

Why people move to Colorado

It no secret that Colorado has a lot to offer. And, we don’t mean only big cities like Denver, Colorado Springs or Aspen. There are great little places with easy access to metropolitan areas. Conifer is located only 15 miles from Denver and it is a short car ride away from the popular tourist destination Evergreen.

Colorado has many great housing options.
Colorado has a lot to offer to nature lovers

Here you get a feel of a true mountain community. The Pike National Forest runs through the town, there are many hiking and biking trails, and camping opportunities. Find great local Conifer movers who can plan your entire relocation and enjoy your move.

Colorado has an absolutely magnificent natural landscape, from the plains to the mountains. There are a lot of intriguing museums to visit, a great shopping scene, many sporting events, and amazing cities. Real estate values are reasonable, people are friendly and welcoming, and the job market is thriving.

Affordable Colorado cities to move to

Colorado’s cities have a lot to offer to all income levels. However, we will mention the ones that are extremely affordable but also offer great schools, job opportunities, outdoor activities, etc.


The city of Brush is located in Morgan County, Colorado. It was named for Jared L. Brush, who was a Colorado cattle pioneer. Brush boasts a rich history, it has numerous biking and hiking trails, many parks, and recreational areas. Although it is located just 90 miles from Denver, it has a genuine country feel. Some of the events that you can’t miss if you live in Brush are the largest amateur rodeo in the world held every July 2–4, the annual Oktoberfest, and the International Music Festival. Considering that the median income is $51,000 and an average home price of $130,000, Brush is one of the affordable Colorado cities to move to.

Federal Heights

Federal Heights is a suburb of Denver with a population of around 12,000. This is a town that offers an urban-suburban mix feel. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The town has a great location and the cost of living is 25% lower than the Colorado average. It is home to Water World, one of the largest water amusement parks in America.


Trinidad is situated on the historic Santa Fe trail, close to the border of Mexico. It’s one of the most southern Colorado towns. People are friendly and housing very affordable. You can spend time at the Trinidad Lake State Park fishing, boating, or camping. Some of the events you shouldn’t miss are Artocade, a September art car festival and parade, and Trindiefest, an independent film festival.

Start organizing your move well in advance

The key to a successful move is a good organization. Once your research the most affordable Colorado cities to move to and choose the place where you want to live, it’s time to make a relocation plan. This plan should include all your activities – from cleaning and packing up your home to transporting and unpacking. In this way, you will know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. Start making the to-do list weeks, even months before the moving day. Follow the week-by-week checklist to make moving to your new house easy and stress-free. Whether you’re moving out of state or into a new house around the block, a moving checklist will help you stay on track.

Make a relocation checklist before the move.
Making a moving checklist will help you keep track of all your activities and stick to your plan


People move to Colorado for different reasons – beautiful scenery and the emphasis on an active, healthy lifestyle, job opportunities, education, etc. Whatever the reason may be, many of them are searching for affordable Colorado cities to move to. We have mentioned three of them, but we are sure you will find many others that have a lot to offer. Make sure to plan your relocation carefully, find affordable but reliable movers, and enjoy your move.

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