Most instagrammable places in Denver

If you are moving to Denver you are moving to a big city between the coasts. It is exotic, in a way. Being the only big city on an 800-mile radius, and not being a city that often shows up in movies and TV shows, means that Denver certainly has unique things to offer that you did not know were there. And, if you just moved to this fine city, you surely want to share what you experience here with everyone online. So with that in mind, what are most instagrammable places in Denver?

We made something of a shortlist for you that will pick out the places most often showing up on the Instagram feeds of Denver profiles. These are not necessarily all places with a great amount of historical value. Quite simply, the only deciding attribute to this whole ordeal was “would it look cool on Instagram”. And boy do they all do!

Unwind and find the most instagrammable places in Denver

If you just moved to the beautiful city of Denver and are ready to explore your new location, you should take something into account. No matter how smooth the move went, it definitely wasn’t easy. And, a high you feel from having a successful relocation sure can be an illusion. You are much more tired than your mind would have you believed. This is why you need to wind down and unwind. To take some rest.

the most instagrammable places in Denver
Be sure to give yourself some rest

And, of course, before resting, there are still things to be done within the move-related jobs, even if the relocation is over.

We made some easy steps to take right here:

  • Unpack the essentials. This is the first thing to do is to unpack the essentials. The bathroom, bedroom, kitchen appliances, etc. The things you use every day. Before you can even hope to see all the most instagrammable places in Denver you should first consider doing this important task.
  • Get some sleep. This is a priority. you should definitely get some sleep asap. No matter how good your Denver movers were, you still need some rest. Relocation is tough. Give yourself a break.
  • Unpack everything else. And a job for the day after. Unpack everything. The more you put it for later, the harder it gets. Just get it done.
  • Organize a housewarming party. And of course, you should meet the neighbors. Why not throw a housewarming party for friends, family, and new neighbors?

Done all this? Well, get some fashionable clothes and catch some good weather. You are going for a very instagrammable tour!

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

If your long distance moving company Denver has relocated you successfully and you are now thinking of where to go, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, is definitely a good place. It is different than many classic museums you had to visit on school trips. Contemporary art is new and vibrant, and sometimes very much visually impressive, meaning that this museum can have exhibits that certainly make it most instagrammable places in Denver.

Dairy Block

If you had the luck of apartment movers Denver relocating you here, then we have nothing to explain to you… you already get it. However, for everyone else… Dairy Block is a historical neighborhood. It boats a lot of unique restaurants, shops, bars, as well as co-working spaces and a hotel. The whole place is very pretty and unique and therefore very much instagrammable. Simply take a seat at a cafe and you will see all kinds of pictures ready to be made!

Denver Botanic Gardens

It is always a beautiful sight to see the wonders of nature. For this exact reason, Denver Botanic Gardens just had to make it to the list of most instagrammable places in Denver.

water and a plant
Relax and enjoy the blissful sounds of nature!

Not only is it very relaxing to visit Denver, the city of nature, but it is also a very pretty sight to see. And while your camera lenses won’t be able to capture the feeling, they will capture the beauty.

Larimer Square

If the city of Denver has a birth spot, it is Larimer Square. The whole block is the most historic block in the city, and that is because it is its first. You will see beautiful restaurants and shops, as well as very pretty buildings and picturesque architecture.

Millennium bridge

Bridges are very easy to take pictures of and are often pretty interesting. There is just something about the numerous ways these structures overcome the distance over a river. The Millennium Bridge is no exception. You will find it easily. Its 200-foot mast is part of the skyline, and it being a pedestrian bridge means you will have easy access.

Mayan Theatre

This theater, proclaimed to be a historical landmark by the city of Denver, is definitely a wonder worth visiting. If your Denver small movers have just relocated you recently, you might be still wondering what are those most instagrammable places in Denver you need to visit. Mayan Theater is definitely it. It is one of the three remaining theater in the whole of the United States that is designed in an Art Deco Mayan Revival style, making it extremely visually interesting.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Ever wondered how watching a performance underneath the huge rock from the Lion King would look like? Red Rocks Amphitheater is closest you get to that. 

red rocks
Get down to the Red Rocks Amphitheater for some very picturesque landscapes.

It is a 10-mile drive from the city, but it is absolutely worth it. With the capacity of around 10000 people, this open-air amphitheater is an amazing sight to behold (and take pictures of). Not to mention all the beautiful performances that take place there.


Before the end, we would like to say something about most instagrammable places in Denver… there are a lot more of them. Our list is not final. You need to explore and find it for yourself. You might just find some beautiful, obscure things yourself!

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