Moving company contracts 101

Preparing for your move is something that you need to take time when planning. Especially when you do not know anything about the moving process itself. So to learn more about this, we present the best guide you can follow. Today will tell you more about moving company contracts that you will use when planning your relocation. It’ll help you better understand what you are in for and what kind of a contract is the best for you. That is why Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado is here to help you with this guide. Continue reading and find out everything you need to know.

Moving company contracts – non-binding estimate

When it comes to non-binding estimates, they are close together based on the overall weight of the belongings you are transporting. But remember that this is a non-binding estimate, and could easily change when all your items are weighted correctly before the move. What you need to have in mind always is that you should avoid companies that offer you only this kind of contract. If you’re asking why then here is the answer. These movers are mostly scammers that will give you a low price before you move but before they load your items in the moving truck, they will spice up the price. They could also charge you an additional 10% if you’re transporting more items than has been weighted.

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There are 3 types of moving company contracts

But on the other hand, you can also save a lot of money because you could declutter your home before the move. That means that you will have fewer items to transport, which will lower their overall weight. But is something very important to remember if you wish to move within your budget? And if you manage to do this, you will have no problems transporting heavy belongings such as pianos. And if we add piano movers to this equation, then nothing can go wrong. Professional movers are here to help and transport heavy items without any issues.

What is a binding estimate?

When it comes to binding estimates, it means that the movers are guaranteeing a fixed cost based on the weight of your items. If you agree to this you will only pay what they have estimated. The thing is they are not allowed to change the price in any case whatsoever. This means that you could and having the easy if you’re moving heavy items. However, it can also mean that you will pay more if you’re moving fewer items. If your items are weighing less than estimated in the beginning, you will still have to pay the price you both are agreed on.

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With a binding estimate, there won’t be any price changes

Some may not consider this to be a very good estimate, but it does have its advantages. The thing is you won’t have to worry about a moving company over-charging you especially in the last minutes of your move. Now to know that you’re getting a fair moving quote, you should call several moving companies and ask them for their estimates. But don’t think that you can just add some extra items when transporting thinking that you will pay less. Because then movers will have the liberty to negotiate a new price or a new type of contract. It is a good idea to ask your movers Denver CO to guide you through this. It is for the best of both parties.

How does binding not-to-exceed estimate work

There is a third moving contract you should know more about. That is a binding not-to-exceed contract, and it is one of the most popular contracts among the movers. It is especially important to use this when moving interstate with the help of your interstate moving companies Colorado. This is also the easiest type of contract to explain. It means that even if the weight of your items is exceeding the original estimate, you won’t be charged any extra money. Instead, you will pay what you all quoted. But if you’re items are weighing less than the originally estimated as then you will only pay for the shipping. This means that if you’ve agreed to this type of contract, you could end up paying less than initially agreed.

This is one of the most popular contracts people take when moving because it allows them to have more options than they would have with other types of moving contracts. And if you have some valuable and expensive items to move then getting help from your local movers Fort Collins is the best thing you can do for yourself. Because professional movers care about their customers and will do everything they can to help them move without any problems. Which is a trait not every moving company has.

Take your time to plan everything

It is very important not to rush things and keep calm when planning your move. It is easy to make a mistake that can cost you a lot. That is why managing your time is very important because it will allow you to reconsider all the moving contracts we have mentioned before. Not only that but you will also be able to plan everything properly. Time managing skills are very important to have today.

making a plan
Make sure to have a good plan

Know your contracts and you will be fine

These are the moving company contracts that exist and that you should know more about. Knowing them will help you realize what you can do and what kind of contract you need to take. It will help you with your upcoming relocation, so you won’t have to worry about the thing. If you believe we missed something, feel free to contact us. We will be very glad to hear from you and we’ll get back to you asap.

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