Moving from Fort Collins to Aurora – Lifestyle, job opportunities, and cost of living compared

Thinking about relocating to Aurora from Fort Collins? We as one of the leading moving companies Denver CO know that moving often isn’t, but can be easy if you approach it the right way. That’s why in this article we’ll focus on moving from Fort Collins to Aurora. We’ll specifically be targeting lifestyle, job opportunities, and the cost of living. So if you want to find out more, dive in with us and let’s explore the differences.

The cost of living compared

When it comes to the cost of living, Aurora is a bit cheaper. In Aurora, housing expenses are cheaper, however, electricity, travel, and food may cost a little more. Our movers Aurora CO have researched for you and we can see, in Fort Collins, overall expenses are up by 2.3% from a year ago vs 0.4% in Aurora. But looking at the overall cost of living in Fort Collins, they are 10.9% higher than the national average vs 12.5% in Aurora.

A girl and her boyfriend talking about moving from Fort Collins to Aurora
The cost of living in Aurora is bigger but so are the salaries

Housing costs

We did all of the research on reliable and trustworthy websites for real estate in Aurora. In comparison to Fort Collins, Aurora has a lower average rent for a 1-bedroom unit at $1,356 as of March 2023. Additionally, the cost of renting in Aurora rose by 14% from the previous year. In contrast, renting cost has grown by 17% in Forth Collins since last year. The cost of utilities in Aurora is lower than in Fort Collins, with an average of $154/month compared to $165/month.

Job opportunities in Aurora

Compared to Fort Collins, Aurora has a more varied economy with a wider variety of employment options in sectors like healthcare, and retail. The Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Aurora Public Schools, and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus are Aurora’s main employees as of March 2023. The Buckley Air Force Base is within the city’s boundaries, which contributes to the military presence there. Our Fort Collins movers can tell you that more people are relocating to Aurora since there are more jobs. Not only that but there are more diverse jobs and they’re better paid.

Lifestyle differences you will find after moving from Fort Collins to Aurora

Fort Collins, which has a more rural vibe, is smaller than Aurora, which is a more urban and diverse community. AreaVibes claims that Aurora has a higher crime rate than Fort Collins, with a crime score of 21 as opposed to 17 for Fort Collins. The Aurora History Museum, the Aurora Symphony Orchestra, and the Aurora Fox Arts Center are just a few of the city’s cultural landmarks. The city also offers thriving entertainment with a selection of bars, coffee shops, and eateries. But because of its closeness to the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins provides more chances for outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling, and snowboarding.

A bar full of people
Enjoy amazing bars and restaurants after moving from Fort Collins to Aurora

Experience more affordable metropolitan living

In conclusion, relocating to Aurora from Fort Collins can provide a more affordable metropolitan living. Not only that but a variety of employment possibilities and cultural sites. However, it might be at the cost of fewer chances for outdoor recreation and a slight decrease in safety. When preparing for the move to Aurora, also consider variables such as living costs, utilities, transit, moving expenditures, and taxes as well as the cost of hiring long distance movers Colorado as they will make moving from Fort Collins to Aurora an enjoyable experience.

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