Moving from Littleton to Parker in your 40s – what to expect?

Moving from Littleton to Parker in your 40s can be both exciting and overwhelming. That’s why we at Home Grown Moving Company would like to help you out. Today we’ll answer the good old question of what to expect when you move to Parker. So let’s buckle up and see what’ll happen after you move.

The obvious differences

When you relocate to Parker, one of the first things you’ll note is the slower speed of life. Parker has a more relaxed vibe than the busyness of the large metropolis. You’ll discover that everyone is cordial and that things are more laid back. Hiking, bicycling, and skiing are just a few of the natural activities that you can enjoy. Parker has a population of about 57,000 and is about 20 miles southeast of Denver’s center. The town is famous for its lovely gardens, outdoor activities, and top-notch institutions. Denver residential movers have seen an influx of people coming in since COVID-19 started.

A man hiking in the mountains while thinking about moving from Littleton to Parker in your 40s;
Hiking and other recreational activities are all welcomed in Parker.

Cost of living

When it comes to the cost of living you’ll see that Littleton is a bit cheaper. Parker costs 3.3% more than Littleton. Housing expenses in Littleton are 3.2% less costly than those in Parker. In Littleton, medical expenditures are  2.6% higher than in Parker. Movers Parker CO still has some of the best prices so don’t worry about that.

Home prices and rents Littleton vs Parker

If you’re a single, couple, or family rent and home prices will matter the most. According to the website Rent Caffe apartments in Littleton typically cost $2,063 per month to rent. On the other hand, the typical rent is $1,971 in Parker. As you can see renting is cheaper in Parker, but now let’s focus on housing.

When it comes to home prices the median home price in Littleton is $619.9K vs $665K in Parker. So if you’re relocating from Littleton to Parker in your 40s you’ll need to pay a bit extra for the house. But don’t worry since movers Littleton CO can still move you at a reasonable price, similar to that of Parker CO movers.

A couple giving high five to each other;
Moving from Littleton to Parker in your 40s because of cheaper housing prices is not uncommon these days 

School after relocating from Littleton to Parker in your 40s

You will be glad to hear that Parker has top-notch schools if you have kids. One of the best-scoring schools in the state is the Douglas County School District, which is located in Parker. The district has a graduation rate of about 93%, and many of its schools have won awards for their scholastic excellence at the national level.

Final thoughts on moving from Littleton to Parker in your 40s

That would be it concerning moving from Littleton to Parker in your 40s. We as local apartment movers Denver hope that you’ll have a nice time in Parker. It’s a beautiful town with some of the best schools and great apartment prices and its proximity to Denver. All in all, we wish you a great stay and a stress-free move.


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