Moving offices in the Boulder area? Follow these 5 easy steps

Relocating your office with all of your staff can be an intimidating task, even if it is a local move. To finalize this move, you will have to take plenty of steps and hire Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado to assist you. But you have to keep in mind that relocating usually brings on the value of a new, bigger space, a bigger variety in the job market in the terms of employees, and in most cases increased profits. When you add everything up, if you plan on time, moving offices usually brings forth more positive than negative things. And another thing, when you sum everything up, moving offices in the Boulder area is possible in only 5 easy steps.

Move plan
Start making a moving plan at least three months in advance.

Make a plan and stick to it

The first and the most important step in moving offices in the Boulder area is to make an office move plan. Everything else will depend on this move plan, so you have to make sure to take your time. This plan needs to be as detailed as possible and you need to have all your bases covered. This was you can be sure that nothing will fall through the cracks. You should start planning your move approximately three months before the move date, to make sure you have enough time for any unforeseen circumstances.

Scout your location before moving offices in the Boulder area

Before you decide on the move date, you will need to scout for a new location. You should preferably take on something bigger than your current needs. The last thing you will want is to finalize the move, and then have to move again within a year or two because your business got even bigger. So, the best advice is to get enough room for everything you need, and then some extra space for expected growth.

You will need to notify your staff on time because the move will affect them as much as it affects you.

Set a move date and notify your staff

When you decide on one of the moving companies Boulder CO, it is time to set a final move date. You will need to plan this in a period when there is less work. Such as a weekend or a collective break. Another thing you have to do as soon as you set a moving date is to share the news with your staff, which is the next step.

A very important step in the process of moving offices is to inform your staff about the relocation on time. ‘On time’ means as soon as you set a move date. Because you need to prepare them for moving and adapting to the new space. This is equally important if you are planning a local relocation or a long-distance one. Your personnel will have to change an aspect of their lives, and you will need to get them comfortable with the idea. Additionally, letting them know on time will mean that they have enough time to pack their stuff. Have each employee be responsible for packing up their private belongings. And make sure you set a date by which all of this needs to be done.

You will also need to announce your move externally. This means you will need to start sharing your move date and place with your customers, vendors, and service partners. You should also change your address on every document, your business card, and your web page. This needs to be resolved because any uncertainty about the moving address will result in less business.

Moving team
Your moving team should have a representative from each department to avoid any overlapping and unnecessary discussion.

Create a moving team and delegate tasks and responsibilities

When you are trying to move offices, there is always a lot to do. Because of this, it is a good idea to make an internal moving team consisting of your staff. Your move team should be comprised out of the employees you know are the best suited for the specific task and responsibilities that come with the move. Ask around the office if anyone has ever been a part of an office move before. And if they have any kind of experience related to corporate relocation. You should also speak to your staff working in the management sector, as they will have some needed experience. Your move team should be led and managed by an office or an operations manager, and it should include a representative from each department.

Pack everything up for moving offices in the Boulder area

After you share the move date with your staff and they take care of their personal belongings, it is time to pack up everything else. This means all of your appliances, machinery, but even the small things such as office furniture and documents. Most businesses hire commercial movers Denver when it comes to packing up inventory. Professional movers will know all the tips and tricks which means that the packing will be done in no time, and there is no fear that something will be damaged in transport because it was not packed as it should have been.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you should be good to go

Your corporate relocation should be a breeze if you just follow these five easy steps. Surely the most important piece of advice is to do everything on time. If you give yourself enough time you will go through this move with a calm mind. And you will eliminate a lot of stress in the office. Of course, if you have reliable long distance movers CO by your side. This, in turn, will lead to a smaller decline in business as your staff will now the spread thin because of the move.

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