Moving on a Holiday Weekend

Tips for Moving Over a Holiday Weekend

Have you ever accidentally tried to move over a holiday weekend? Did you find yourself struggling to find items you needed for the move or even out of luck renting a truck because you were caught off guard? Here’s the answers you need if you do decide to move during any holiday weekend to make sure you are prepared and able to take advantage of a long weekend move.    

One of the initial struggles of moving over a holiday is that often friends and family are either traveling or busy with plans. This can make things difficult to find free help for your move. Many of your friends won’t even be around at all to help you pack and unpack during big holiday weekends. So, make sure if you are relying on friends/family to help you with a move you give plenty of notice and make sure they they know it’s a holiday too. You may even consider moving on a day that part of the holiday weekend, but perhaps not on the exact date of the recognized day. This may help you avoid parties and plans people tend to make.

For instance, the 4th of July is a Federal holiday, and in observance, many stores and restaurants close early.  No last minute runs to the store to help secure packing. No restaurants to visit when you’re starving after hours of moving boxes. You need to be well planned and have things purchased and reserved weeks ahead of time.

You’ll also find that in big cities and small towns alike, there could be road closures for parades or festivals. Check your towns local news for information surrounding any street closures. Can you imagine getting prepared up for move-in day only to see orange cones closing your new street down? Additionally, if you are moving into a apartment building or condo, there could be limited hours to access people in the office or get you key. Again, plan this well ahead of time so you don’t get locked out! Make sure you are able to get into your building AND new living space.

Also if you have pets, moving is quite stressful for them too. Putting them in a new home environment could cause confusion and even frighten them, which means they will either be highly anxious & in the way as you pack/unpack OR cowering in some part of your new home, peeing on the rug. You may want to board your animals for the day, or drop them at a friends house for a play date to make things easier. Again, with a holiday weekend you will likely need to make these arrangements well in advance.  

Finally, finding boxes and packing supplies the day-of could be tricky with both a stores hours and inventory. Make sure you create a list and buy supplies a week or two before, that way if you do need a few last minute items it isn’t as big of a deal. Make sure you buy extra of any boxes or packing materials because you can always return the extra stuff later (which is better than not having enough the day of the move.)

We, on the other hand, do this as our vocation.  Call HGM at 303-587-6200. We are experts in moving small and large homes. We will get your home packed and moved so you can be less stressed and enjoy your holiday weekend with your friends and be energized enough to comfort your pets!

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