Moving rules you should follow when relocating an office

There is a big difference between residential and corporate moving. The corporate move usually includes a lot more people and furniture, such as employees and a lot of offices and machines. This means that your corporate move will include a lot more steps and that you will need to give yourself more time. The crucial advice is to start planning ahead and be organized. So, you need to think this through even before contacting moving companies Denver. With all of this, there are some other moving rules you should follow when relocating an office, and they are listed below to help you get this move done.

Moving rules you should follow when relocating an office
There are some specific moving rules you should follow when relocating an office.

Why is relocating an office difficult?

There are a few factors that differentiate commercial moving services from residential moving. If not done right, office moving can be a really stressful process. Additionally, it can even significantly diminish office productivity and morale. This is because the move will be a big change for everyone included in the business, and you will need to give them time to adapt. With all of this, there is also the functional part of the relocation. You will need to move big and bulky furniture, a lot of electronics and even more small things that have been accumulated in the office during the years.

Early planning is the most important of all the moving rules you should follow

This cannot be stressed enough; planning is half of the job. Contact your office movers Denver on time and give them all of the information relevant to the office. You will need to assign tasks to your team as soon as possible. It is really important that you figure out who will be doing what, how will they do it, and when will they do it. Last-minute moving is not something that can go smoothly with relocating an entire business.

One person should be in charge

You should assign one person to be the move manager. This way, somebody will always be on top of things and there is no chance of any oversight. See if anybody in your team has any prior experience with commercial moving and if they are willing to step up and take charge. If not, the best candidates will be the people that work in administration, and they already know how to handle similar projects.

Everyone should pack up their desk

The move will go a lot smoother if everyone is responsible for their own desk. Sure, you need to hire packing services CO for all the bulky furniture and machines, but when it comes to the smaller things your staff should resolve it. All you need to do is give them a due date. They will need to know the date by which all of their stuff needs to be packed so they can prepare in advance and not do it at the last minute.

I.T. team
Your I.T. team should make a relocating plan as soon as possible.

Tech is really important

I.T can be one of the biggest complications related to relocating an office. Do not underestimate the amount of time that is needed to disconnect and reconnect all of your technological equipment. After you set a final move date, you will need to have your I.T. department make a plan for relocating all of your technological equipment. They will also need to assess how much of the equipment do you really need to take with you. If you are working in the same office for an extended amount of time, there is a chance that some of your technology may be outdated or needs to be replaced. It is easier to assess this before the move as opposed to after the move. Why would you want to move something that you will not need? If there is a surplus of equipment, you can always donate to Computers with Causes.

Get to know the rules of the new office space

If you are moving to an office that is a part of a bigger building, you will need to check for any new rules before the relocation. Maybe the building has some rules about relocations, for instance, they may allow relocation only outside business hours. Make sure to get these rules as early as you can, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Update your documents is one of the moving rules you should follow

There is a lot of documents that are linked to your business. A lot of these documents have to have the address of the office changed before the relocation. You will need to make new business cards, letterheads, envelopes, return labels, and a lot more. Another thing you need to do is to update your business partners and clients. You need to be really diligent about this step so you do not lose any business.

pile of paperwrok
Update your paperwork

Labeling is key

Correctly labeling boxes is especially important when you are doing a commercial relocation. You need to carefully label every box and label them by the contents and the room to which they belong. This will prevent the fuss of finding things once you relocate. Additionally, the unpacking part of the move will go much more smoothly if you do this. All of this preparation will ensure to keep your business operations running during and after the move.

Measure everything

You will need to make sure that everything from the old office fits in the new office. Maybe the dimensions of the new office kitchen are smaller and the fridge will not fit. You will need to think about this sort of thing in advance, so you know what you can take and what you need to replace. So, get the dimensions of all of your bulky furniture and items and compare them to the dimensions of your new office space.

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